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  1. Thank you for posting, I really appreciate it. Want to give up. Partner said awful things for years and doc said he would try and destroy me and I must not let him.First year was happy and had baby, then he homed in on me and made life hell. Have not cooked for 30 years we eat out, no not expensive places. but he made it impossible. Worn out. Meant to be moving but how can i start to cook when worried about crumbs on outside marg tub and evertything. He caused ocd to get very bad and when I started to get better would demolish me. Said he like to hurt and torment me made him feel better.Want to be better but feel too late.Horrible to be like this. Start cbt in 10 weeks again.doc said I could go back on 10mg but that was weeks ago, as I have left it since week before christmas is that too low dose to start again.
  2. it is so hard to forget all the terrible things your partner has said and done in the past, just by looking at them brings it all back, people say if he is not doing it now forget it, it is in the past, but is it when it has not left you with much confidence and nearly destroyed you. Am in 60s is it too late to get back to what you were.
  3. After years on 10mg paroxetine, I slowly reduced and came off week before Christmas. Was ok for few weeks then felt so bad tempered and depressed. Have read it can just be withdrawal symptoms but doc often puts people back on them saying depression has not gone. How can you tell? Is paroxtine still considered good for ocd?
  4. True, love and kindness makes you and others feel much better, the world would be a better place if everybody did. A little goes a long way. The news is so depressing, yet its amazing how many kind decent people are around which we must focus on although it is hard with all the bad news. Its great when you find something funny or good in the papers and news.
  5. Thank you lots for replying, it means a lot. Mainly mental abuse which has terrible effect on people, very hard and makes ocd so much worse, worn out by it.
  6. If you have contamination ocd and cannot manage on your own,and want to leave abusive partner, my friend said even care home would not have you, so where do you go?
  7. Thank you to all who replied to my post. I have been having cbt which has finished for the moment. I had heard emdr had good results for post traumatic stress but only that it was being tried for ocd.
  8. Please does anyone know if the treatment EMDR is any help for OCD. It is to do with eye movement. Thank you.
  9. I found your post really interesting thank you for this.
  10. Thank you for replying. Stomach diarea, wrong spelling,was so bad husband had to go to chemist to get pills, not ocd.
  11. Had camera down throat and stomach. Was told to swallow after 6 throat numbing sprays and swallowed lot of it. Got home and had very upset stomach. Would be grateful to know if anyone else has had this problem. Coped with it all and ocd. Thank you.
  12. Thank you all and thank you ADD for understanding. I looked at other people to learn as children look to learn. Its like riding a bicycle if you think about it too much and go too slowly you wobble. So I looked and they did not spend ages and were not tense so if they can do it I can. Just going round groove should be enough. I cannot be perfect. Hate it when people have not got most of biscuit out and speak to you and bits come out.
  13. Thank you for replying. I used to lick round quickly but then breathed a bit out one day and went to back of jaw and found a whole lot. That is when I started to worry. People lick round without realizing they are doing it. It is when you think about what you do that it becomes a problem. It is the intensity that is ocd as I said before I have seen people do it quickly. I do not stare at them but notice it. If licking round quickly is ocd then there are an awful lot of people with ocd.
  14. The intensity is ocd but I have asked friends and some do nothing, others quickly lick round, other get bits between teeth out and one has chewing gum. Have seen people licking round or drinking and licking. I think people lick round without thinking much about it.
  15. This is making life awful. I lick round mouth gums and teeth after eating and get every last bit out or panic it will get outside and hurt us. Used to get most out then have drink and swish it round. How long should it take and how do other people do it. Thank you.
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