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  1. worried that I might be coming down with real flu... really hope not, I meant to get the jab!

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    2. BelAnna


      Thanks guys, think I'm ok actually! sorry to hear you're ill Taurean- get well soon! Hope the jab goes ok Daja! Thanks Lost.

      My OCD is worse than my cold symptoms!

    3. taurean


      I am much better today thanks BelAnna. Shame the strain of flu was different to the one they chose (last January)  to mass produce vaccine for the innoculation programme. :(



    4. BelAnna


      Oh that's good to hear! Flu is hideous and just cripples you doesn't it? I've only actually had real flu once and couldn't move!

      My brother got the jab yesterday and has got a flu-like reaction with temp etc. today (I think I remember you had that too?) so I've got that to look forward to! I think there was particularly contagious (if not necessarily particularly awful) strain of flu in Australia's Winter this year so I think the vaccine contains that strain and one or two others but it's such a shame it doesn't cover all the main strains!

      Get well soon :)