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  1. thought.amnesty..... i cannot thank you enough for recommending Mark Freeman's videos. They are amazing!! I just saw the one called ocd is a weed. Rip it out! looking forward to watching all of them!! Thankyou again.
  2. Hi Phil, I've thrown out more than I care to remember. I've started taking a low dose of Abilify along with Cipralex ssri I feel my ocd symptons greatly improved. I haven't been able to do exposures cause my ocd is so severe, but now that i have some relief, my therapist thinks I am ready to do some work. I know meds aren't for everyone, but I was so desperate I decided to try and am glad I did. are you on meds
  3. Just wondering, what if any medications are you on or have been on. Do you find they have helped?
  4. I haven't been around lately but am sure glad this forum is still here. I was wondering how I can take part in the book club. Is there a special page to visit? Thanks
  5. hi everyone, i haven't been around in a while, hope everyone is ok. i'm wondering, would it be possible to record webinar as we participate?
  6. sorry for the double post don't know how to delete first one
  7. Having a terrible day today. Haven't been around lately, but boy do I miss this forum when I hit bottom. So today went to dentist and checked something. She said it was fine. I fought so hard not to but I caved and asked another dentist in the office for a second opinion. My anxiety was sooo high today. I tried breathing, couldn't stick with it. So now I am feeling just horrible thinking I have offended my regular dentist and not trusting her opinion. She is an amazing woman and understands my ocd. How, oh just how can I fight the reassurance seeking compulsion when my insides are in total knots? Also, how do I distinguish hypochondria from ocd?
  8. no advice, but I understand you. I've thrown out so much food. Such a shame. Contamination fears are terrible. I can relate and also understand the contaminated feeling you experience. Keep posting here, they are so very helpful.
  9. So my husband is going thru some medical tests. I'm so anxious about the results. Does anyone have any advice on how one deals with the wait. My ocd is telling me to call the drs. office for results which I actually did but got no answer. How does a person without anxiety deal with these things.
  10. Hi Gothic, research scrupulousity. It is a form of OCD related to religious compulsions. That should help you understand things better.
  11. I know PB you're right, I just can't seem to stop, the anxiety and fear my brain keep producing seems unbearable until i get an answer. and then when i do get an answer, i question if i made myself completely understood. and of course after that a new fear pops up. how can i stop the reassurance seeking while i'm feeling the extreme anxiety?
  12. need some help having a horrible day went to see dr. and said i have vertigo so i've been thinking of asking for reassurance from dr for so so many things related to the head even when he reassures me my mind questions it its like i forget what he has said or i don't think i explained it properly please help
  13. Please seek the necessary help you need. Go to an emergency room and get checked. Tell them the truth. You are realizing there is a problem and that is a first step and you are lucky that you are able to recognize you need help. My father committed suicide and its something I pray no one has to go thru. Please, please seek help.
  14. Hi Clarity! I just recently found this forum and am so grateful I did. I had blood related ocd for a long time and it was so severe I couldn't go grocery shopping, I would have to send my kids for me. I thought I saw blood everywhere and then there was always the thought, well, what IF there is blood, its red so maybe. So yes, I totally understand you and at what point you are at. I threw out many, many things. What helped me is speaking to a therapist and doing thought records. You have to discuss what exactly about the blood it is you fear and then learn why your thoughts are distorted. I had to do this for a long time. Then finally the fear started to subside. Please find a good therapist who specializes in ocd. This will help you in your recovery. The hardest part of ocd is challenging the thought to perform a compulsion when the anxiety strikes. With ocd, an obsession, which is blood contamination in this case, is followed by feelings of extreme fear/anxiety and then ultimately the need to perform the compulsion. So the challenge for us is to feel the fear and not go thru with the compulsion. The feeling anxiety provokes (panic, fear, sweating, mind racing etc.) sends signals that there is real danger in the obsessional thought. This is the hard part of challenging the obession. So what was helpful for me was to learn about distorted thinking and then labelling the thought as ocd. Clarity, I always joke with my therapists saying I could teach classes on ocd. So yes, knowledge of ocd is a must, but that is not enough. You need to find what type of therapy is most helpful for you and start your journey.
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