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  1. Do you mind me asking what your rituals are?
  2. Hi BigDave, Sorry you are cursed with these thoughts, I have fears of feeling dirty too. The only way I can ease my anxieties is wearing gloves a lot of the time. As a female it’s hard to relate to you on the going to the toilet standing up, but does sitting instead help matters? Can you keep the toilet seat down when you flush? And not make eye contact with the toilet Once you’ve peeed so you can almost move on from it. when I was well enough to work, and used public toilets I used to squat over the toilet but always felt dirty so showered once I got home and put on fresh clothes
  3. It’s reassuring to know how many are out there really struggling with both OCD & IBS. So many times people have said to try meditation, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t find this method of relaxation beneficial in helping OCD or IBS. When I’m anxious it’s because there’s something that feels dirty & I need to clean it. I can’t relax until it’s done, if I were to lie down and listen to a meditation recording I can’t focus on it because all my head is thinking of is, what needs cleaning. Ashley, Your Alpha-stin plan to help the anxiety sounds quite similar to something
  4. Hello thanks again for your reply to my post, i currently see a dietitian, immunologist & under GP monitoring because how weak my body is. Sadly though there is no nutritional supplements i can take or even tube feeding because of the allergy ingredients, so its a case of living off the rice porridge everyday. I really wish there was so solution or answers but all medics for over a decade have said there’s nothing that can be done. Honestly i’ve pleaded & begged for something, anything but there isnt anything, My mental health is at a low point through all the gut & knowi
  5. oh Mark, I feel your pain and anxieties. I dont have contamination OCD but do have an OCD that is quite similar in that I always feel dirty so spend my days cleaning everything I might have touched or my Mum (who i live with) touches.and handwashing although i have managed to get down from 30 handwashes over 6 years ago, i am now only washing my hands twice and with normal hand wash rather than anti-bacterial handwash as I was finding the harsh chemicals splitting my skin and causing them to be red/sore and bleeding like yours. But although OI have made some positive changes I still struggle t
  6. Thanks Hal, it just seems I’ve tried everything with the diet in the past and as allergies have got worse I can now only eat a diet of rice flake porridge, rice pasta, carrot & pea puree. So its a bit of a groundhog, but then OCD is groundhog isn't it? i’ve tried numerous dietitian’s, specialists etc but there doesn't seem to be much hope out there. i just wish my OCD wasn't there in my head to make my life a tiny bit easier & less exhausting.
  7. Thanks for posting your replies, I just dont know how we can ever shut-off and cure IBS though. I have another gut/cell disorder as well which causes food allergies to everything so living off a diet of rice flake porridge and unable top breakdown solid foods so my mental health is at an all time low as now too unwell to work with the gut disorder and body is at a very low weight so I have been told I'm going to die early with my heart failing because its so week. Yet there is nothing the Doctors can do, so i have no future and with how my OCD is i feel life is just so pointless. I have no pur
  8. I’m just wondering how many OCD sufferers also have to deal with IBS or other gut issues? I know anxiety plays a big part on your gut, but how can we ever relax when our head’s never stop worrying?
  9. It’s reassuring that I’m not the only one who suffers with this type of OCD. I too spend ages cleaning myself with toilet wipes, baby wipes even using bathroom cleaner & bleach on me after using the toilet, I have to shower too & not wear clothes plus always wear gloves. I have managed to cut my hand washing down & like CharlieMoon said, it does over time become the norm. I’m yet to feel less disgusting & dirty though. my OCD isnt about germs but more about constantly feeling dirty. I wear gloves all day and have to antibacterial wipe everything i have touched each morning s
  10. Yep, when I get really anxious my chest pains start. My Mum also suffers from them when she is stressed or worrying too much and she doesn't suffer with an OCD. I get all the other symptoms too and as we speak feel nauseas with a tight chest because trying to handle my OCD thoughts. Its horrible, I often feel like I'm going to explode
  11. Its really strange you mentioned about the flashes & brain all hyperactive, since I was a child I’ve experienced the same thing. Usually when lying in bed, I always described it as similar to the scene in “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” movie when they’re on the boat on the chocolate river & everything around them speeds by. I always brushed it to one side and not tried to focus on it but maybe there is a link between people with OCD & how we overthink things so much our heads are constantly on overdrive & when we try and relax we just cant. Just a thought. Nice to know n
  12. I feel such a burden on everyone around me, i don't think i can go on anymore. I'm a bad person for all the upset I give. My OCD causes all this pain, the only way out though is to end everything. I failed on an OD many years ago but maybe I just didn't try hard enough. So tired of fighting and failing; failing myself and failing my family
  13. Hi Jennielouises, I know exactly how you feel, my OCD isn't about germs or catching anything but its the thought of feeling dirty or that things I might touch might be dirty that would then make me dirty. Its a horrible feeling and I have had moments where its all got too much, especially recently with fear of not being able to get hand wash or antibacterial wipes with the current virus epidemic and supermarkets limited stock. I hope you have lots of support around you to keep you strong and help with your CBT.
  14. i have tried therapy and OCD but never found it helpful, i'm just grateful to have the support of my family. I'm just tired of having to deal with it all. Thank-you
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