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  1. Hello. I live in Bristol (kind of obvious I guess) I don't know of any personally however if you have the money it is worth it I think. I had some private hypnotherapy for generalised anxiety and I found that private therapists are better.
  2. I was thinking about this the other day. I have mild contamination worries. What is interesting is that I don't actually think the worry is about getting ill. More it's about the idea of touching certain things. E.g. I will quite happily touch my parents dog. I'm not even that worried if he licks me. Where as I will get quite distressed if I touch certain peoples hands. A lot of it is to do with worrying that they might not of washed their hands after going to the toilet. It started of with my dad who does have a habit of doing that. However I do it with a lot of people now. However I don't get that distressed if I touch a bin. I do wash my hands after taking something to the bin however it doesn't cause any real distress. For me that shows that it is not about getting ill more the idea of touching certain things. Anyone else find this?
  3. Well that's good that he received an apology. It is a very difficult question for me. Where do we draw the line with things that the media shouldn't do and where does it become to politically correct. I'm not sure what the answer is personally
  4. In the advert he is smiling and not in distress. As I said it may be implying OCD but it is ambiguous and I really don't think we can say definitely.
  5. Just had a quick look at the advert on YouTube. The man actually smells his hand after putting on the liquid, I missed that before. I definitly think in my opinion it is more of a reference to men who are feminine not an ocd reference.
  6. Hi eddy. Funnily enough I saw the advert after I replied. You are right it's not moisturizer but I think it is more of a joke not aimed at people with ocd but men who are a bit feminine. He is smiling while he is doing it. You may be right but personally I don't think it is aimed at people with ocd.
  7. If it is the one I am thinking of I think it is more that he is using moisturising and he is seen as feminine. That has always been my interpretation anyway
  8. Hello Ashley long time no see . I agree it is very important that we are compassionate and remember it is not easy for some people who are at the beginning of recovery
  9. I think you are right. Although it does appear as if OCD UK has stated that CBT is the only way to get better which of don't agree with because some people find different treatments work for them. Although CBT is the best treatment in most cases.
  10. Hi. To be honest China has quite a poor human rights record so good luck with changing them It can be a bit more complicated than that though as I think different countries have different criteria of what they call OCD. I think Britain's is different from America for example. But I would imagine that is a mistake by the radio station.
  11. Well I want to go careful not to reassure you to much but I'm pretty certain when people have anxiety over whether they're repressing sexual thoughts of children it is quite different from ocd. People who do that don't constantly check their reactions and things like that they just have an anxious feeling.
  12. Hi Yes that was what I meant. Some people have OCD about whether they have OCD. My point though is that whether the problems are OCD or another form of anxiety they are still anxiety and irrational.
  13. I don't entirely know. I mean if you obsessively worry about the way you look and perform rituals it may then become BDD. And there may be other examples. But I'm not to sure Ashley would be the expert on that. I think some people on here worry to much about whether the anxiety they have is OCD or not(which is ironically OCD) The fact is a lot of the problems people experience on here are anxiety of some sort.
  14. Hi. Stress can affect concentration so it could indirectly be not helping possibly. It may not be as bad as you think.
  15. I've just read the Daly mirror article. (assuming it was the same one I can't follow the link of just Googled it. )Appauling journalism. It actually the words he was unable to shake it off. In reference to his OCD. Disgrace
  16. I think that there was a murder a few years ago in Bristol where a girl involved had ADHD. It had nothing to do with the murder though. It does appear to be quite a common thing that reporters mention mental health issues even though they have no importance on the crime. It is bad journalism I think.
  17. It's very likely that things would cost more. Tax alone would almost certainly make it more. The europion market is massive. Britain on it's own wouldn't be a big market.And yes we put more in than we get back but so do most of the major europion countries. But we do get benefits back. Also say hypothetically we do save £165 million a week it wouldn't all be invested back in the NHS as some perhaps naive people suggest.
  18. Thats not true. Out of the £350 million we put in per week we get £100 million back in a rebate and around £85 million goes back into britain from the EU. Also the medical equipment would cost more if we left.
  19. Yeah some people who don't underatand anxiety can say the wrong thing. One auntie once said to me That I might find my worries are normal. Also once I said that I had anxiety over some onion rings that may have a tiny bit of alcohole in the batter affecting my decision making 3 days later. She told me to go careful as it might
  20. It would be very hard for someone who doesn't have ocd to understand it. I think the best way my be to explain it as an illness and that it doesn't reflect your personality.
  21. Hello. My ex GF had PTSD. I think it can be standard to not give a long sick note for mental health issues but that doesn't mean she won't do you another one
  22. Ashley this has nothing to do with ocd this belongs somewhere else I'm gonna report you to. Ow wait this is your website.ha ha
  23. Yeah peppermint tablets can help. Also Domperidome and Mebevevine are helpful. You can get all of these on perscrition.
  24. That's ok. Of really would recommend trying it. I actually don't think I had it because the pains stopped after that. But I never told the doctor I had it on so tight so they had no way of knowing.
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