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  1. Lol I really should change that !!! Stay strong and don’t confess
  2. Go with what you want not what the disorder is dictating!! Love that !! Great piece of advice I for one want to take on!! Sorry for hijacking the post 👍👍
  3. I’ve just read a comment on another thread that says do what you want to do!!!!not what ocd is dictating you to do!!almost feel guilty for pinching somebody else’s quote but I’m gonna make this my new motto !!! Stay strong mate !
  4. Just remember to be kind to yourself I have read somewhere and I strongly believe that ocd sufferers suffer with chronic quilt and no matter what your guilty of no one deserves chronic quilt!!!!
  5. Sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused you or any one else .
  6. I’m in Bristol !!! And Iapt I think.Definitely think I could be to blame as well!! Tbh you and this forum has helped shift my way of thinking,in the past I’ve always been stuck on a particular theme and wanted to get that particular theme dealt with and not ocd as a whole!! It’s taken me some time but understanding the themes how ever distressing are not the real problem has helped me take a different take on it. I think it’s actually made me realise ocd plays a lot bigger part of my life than I first thought. In ways that I deal with work social life Family etc ..., so I definitely think my mind is a bit more open minded now ... just as well as been suffering since teens and just turned 40 thanks for your help!! Very much appreciated
  7. Thanks Ashley I would be prepared to give it a go if offered to me !! Been doing more research and what you and belanna say seem to be pretty much the majority of people’s views on this .. I’m on a 8 month to a year waiting list for cbt on nhs and it’s never worked in the past... but this could be just as much down to me as the therapist!! Looking to go private but even more important to get the right treatment!! Thank you for your help !!
  8. Hi belanna you have been a great help I never even heard of it before today so just wanted some feed back was hoping it was some magical cure ( very naive I know ) thanks for a great explanation and good luck 👍
  9. Hi has anyone else heard about emdr and have any thoughts on it ??? Thanks for your time
  10. Hi angst do you know that for sure ??would be really handy if there was one in bath !! I tried to google it but no joy
  11. Hi what are the chances 2 Chris.s from Bristol both with ocd !!! Thanks for your reply I’m really sceptical about spending the money as I worry that if it dose not work I’m gonna put even more pressure on my self . I had been looking at the priory as they can help with medication advice counselling the lot. But it’s gonna cost so much I know it’s important !!but I have wife and kids and I can’t let it impact on there life’s if I’m spending all are money on me and there going with out!! So tough!! How did you find hypnosis.?? Did you go under and properly asleep ?
  12. Hi sorry to interrupt anyone’s evening but dose anybody know a good private ocd therapist in Bristol !!! I don’t even know where to start !! Thanks in advance!!
  13. Hi battle through I know exactly how your feeling I to have made lots of drunken mistakes ..!!! In fact I have made lots of really bad decisions when drunk..!!!I have been on the verge of confessing to my wife Lots of different things somtimes I get triggered when I read people say they can’t remember a certain part of there. Night. There’s is times in my past I can’t remember any of the night !! I’ve confessed stuff to her in the past and no good ever comes from it !! Can’t really offer no advice just know your not alone and hang in there
  14. None of you are pedofiles you just suffer badly with ocd but thank you for sharing !! Even thou I am not suffering with this theme at the moment !!!and I have for years I admire your bravery for your honesty as I know how hard this particular theme is !! As much as I hate any one else to suffer it’s also reassuring to know we’re not alone !!
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