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As some of you may have seen on Twitter, I was not getting anywhere trying to politely encourage Cafepress to take a different approach with their listing of OCD jokey products so I took it to Twitter.  Originally this was the letter I sent Cafepress:



They subsequent gave the usual guff replies about reviewing company policy etc, etc before eventually saying in email that have decided items do not violate their content policy and thanked us for understanding....  which of course we don't!!!!!

In reply: 



OCD is a serious life debilitating medical condition, so what…

  1. Makes it acceptable for Cafepress to joke about?
  2. Makes it acceptable for Cafepress to profit from?
  3. Makes it acceptable for Cafepress to increase mental health stigma?

Because regardless of who uploads what, cafepress are allowing all of the above which makes you responsible ultimately. So, what makes it acceptable?



Since then another user showed me this, look at the images below and the differences in the keyword searches for depression and OCD on their website.

The jokes themselves are naff, not overly offensive, but not funny either.  But what they do is reinforce false stereotypes about OCD, and increase stigma for those that suffer with OCD if they feel unable to open up. So for those reasons we have to challenge them on this.





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We have to challenge this kind of material. 

Why not wish to sell something with a correct educational message, with a proportion of each sale going towards research or treatment of the condition,or supporting our charity?

That could be a good marketing opportunity and support those affected by the disorder. 

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