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Why OCD And What Can We Do To Help Ourselves?

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I think if we have a tendency to worry and negative thinking, those features tend to be present in sufferers. 

It's how we react to things that seems to me to determine whether we may slip into OCD. As a child I eased away some magical thinking OCD themes by realising they had no point, so I simply stopped doing them - I didn't know it was OCD. 

So if we stop carrying out the compulsions - which give meaning and power to obsessions - we can weaken the obsessional thought and that will help to overcome it. 

If a phobia leads to OCD, an over-focus on avoidance, we can beat it with exposure and response prevention. 

How or why our OCD develops is not the answer though. Accepting we have it and challenging the core belief that we are bad, should be punished, left something unlocked, have been or might be unfaithful, might be gay or whatever, this is an essential part of the way to getting better. 

Look at what the OCD is telling you. There will be fear or revulsion based on a falsehood or an exaggeration of minimum threat. 

Out it, and challenge it - see it how non-sufferers see it. 

Begin the process of not believing, not responding, and changing how you react. 

It can be done. 

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Thank you @taurean for your always so encouraging posts! You and others here really make a difference for many people. 

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That's what we try to do Hedvig. It's a place to share experience for the common good :)


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