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Need motivation- Onwards and upwards

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I feel like I reached a relatively pivotal moment on my road to recovery recently. Things haven’t exactly gotten a whole lot easier, but I’m definitely more accepting and savvy to this illness and can shut it down much quicker now. The experience has left me drained and I feel perpetually kind of just at a flatline in terms of my emotional state. Not necessarily down, but sometimes I feel down. Not necessarily happy, but sometimes I feel happy. I’m sure this is to do with the aftermath of just putting so much investment and emotion into compulsions. 

I’m knocking it on the head, once and for all. It’s been difficult so far and I’m sure it will remain so, but I’m doing it. I feel a million times better than I did and it has taken everything for me to get here. The past year has been extremely challenging, the hardest year of my life OCD-wise. Right now I’m experiencing the familiar doubt that one does when recovering. It’s like I’m so used to the OCD now that I don’t know any other mental state. But I’ll keep at it and get better, I won’t let it be the bad of me. I have some bad, scary moments for sure. And my recent depressive state, whilst linked somewhat to the OCD, I think stems from other things in my life, such as work and my living situation. I need a bit of motivation so I thought I’d post here just to say that I’m fighting but I’m tired and feeling a bit sad. Can things be like they once were? I really hope so

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Sure they can Ollie. 

Make sure you keep busy and limit the time OCD has to try and muscle in on the act. 

Learn, then apply, some mindfulness - I have found it absolutely wonderful in calming mind and body, and straightening out my thinking by helping me leave issues aside instead of getting consumed by them. 

Get some laughter into the mix, read some funny stuff, watch comedy on TV. 

And remember, you aren't looking to do this just for yourself. Friends family and those who associate with you are stakeholders in your wellbeing, so do it for them too :)


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