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OCD - Are the intrusive thoughts real, or not???

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I was hoping that someone could comment on this....

Out of no where I get these horrible, sexually intrusive thoughts and they cause me to panic.  In panic mode, I worry that I actually did do the intrusive thought that popped into my mind. After the panic incident, I worry forever that I actually did do what the thought said I did.  Panic and fear set in.  I replay the situation over and over again in my mind, but can never get satisfaction that I did OR DIDNT do what the intrusive thought suggested.  Any thoughts, anyone??  Please??



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Thoughts come and go without you doing anything. A thought is just a thought , it’s not an action you have taken. Sit still, relax and breathe and let the thoughts come and go. Don’t energise a negative thought by giving it your attention, let is pass like a cloud in the sky. 

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You won't get anywhere replaying the thoughts in your head. That will not lead you to a satisfactory answer. It's also a compulsion  which will only mske your situation worse. 

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