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I apologise if I am putting this in the wrong place. It has been a long time since I have posted, but had to share this positive experience. 

I am a Learning support assistant in a school and run a well being group for a small number of children. Our topic at the moment is anxiety and the plan was for them to draw their anxiety monster or a time when they have been anxious. To introduce the topic I told them about a poem I had written  about my anxiety monster. I wrote it in 2008 and called it OCD Monster.  I even showed the OCD-UK magazine where it had been printed and the picture in the other one where I am presenting it at an OCD-UK conference. I explained a bit about my OCD. Some of them knew someone who had OCD. They were very supportive and impressed. They asked me to read the poem to them and gave me a clap at the end. It was such a positive experience and I’m proud of the respect they showed me and their grown up response. They are 9/10 years old. 


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Hi there. This is really good. You are getting the chance to share the benefit of your own life experience, to help children make sense of theirs. They will ultimately be the ones looking after us in our old age, so, they need to feel that what they feel is valued, I guess they see the world through different eyes to ourselves, so to speak. I would like to work with people in my own age group... 60's... My childhood in the late 1950's, early 1960's, in a 'New town' out from London, was a nightmare... But at the time, it was all I had ever known...  Anyway, Well done, with what you are doing.


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Well Hello Sarah B....long time no see.  It's so very nice to hear from you, I remember you well :)

So pleased to hear that you're well, in a good job and using that position to help promote good mental health amongst young children.  I'm so pleased you fecieved such a positive response.

Other than that, how are you?


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