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I am so frustrated and exhausted from my all of my compulsions. It’s taking me hours to do anything because I just feel the need to tap constantly. I’ve tried therapy before but didn’t find it helpful, has anyone got any advice?

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6 minutes ago, sophiedownes said:

The tapping are intense urges because I fear something bad will happen 

When you are doing this tapping is this to re-assure yourself that you have checked something and you want to believe that what you have have done is OK? 

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Are you able to try giving your self a time limit for the tapping which you could then look to very gradually reduce? I know it’s easier said than done but it might help to not feel so consumed by it.

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Nothing is going to happen if you stop other you getting a rest, I promise.  It'll feel really bad but once you get through that feeling things will be much better.  

I can vouch for this by the fact that I've had a real problem with checking what I'll call the colour of fluids that come out of my body and have been trying to address that the last couple of months.  The first time I went through with not doing that I was an absolutely mess.  Wandering around the house crying.  Having panic attacks.  Convinced something awful was going to happen.  But nothing did.  

Skip to yesterday I was feeling the old temptation to check rising up again and I cut myself off from it.  I felt a bit uncomfortable for maybe five or ten minutes and then I got on with my day.  

It gets a lot easier the more you do it and it is absolutely worth the initial unpleasantness to save yourself the time and energy (and in my case the the lacerated vagina) taken up by something you don't need to do.  You have literally nothing to lose other than something that's causing you a lot of pain and anxiety.

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Thank you so much! Sounds like you have really struggled and had an awful time, well done for fighting back so hard! Btw I do not mean that in a patronising way whatsoever. 

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Don't worry I didn't take it that way ?  Thank you for being so kind to say what you said.  

It has not been the best of times that is true but luckily enough for me an I'm an angry little lady who gets very peeved about having OCD and I use that push myself forwards.  I cannot describe the frustration and rage that this stupid condition makes me feel on a minute by minute basis sometimes (when it's not making me sad and tired which it also does a lot) so I totally sympathise with where you are coming from.   You can stop tapping I totally believe you can.  There are people here who can help you through the discomfort it'll cause and you'll be out the other side with a lot more time to do things you actually enjoy.

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