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  2. Thanks. I'll try to embrace what you said tomorrow at work. I haven't had any therapy for my anxiety. I've had it since age 15/16. Only when I was 23 I realised I had it and from there I was on medication but I've come off many times because I love and hate citalopram. The Dr did send me to our local mental health clinic for CBT but after 2 sessions I left. It felt really basic and just was a waste of time so I stopped going. I always thought maybe I should pay instead but I have no idea who to trust. Everyone seems to be an expert out there and they charge a lot.
  3. Hi y'all How are we all doing? I went for the daily walk with my dad today and tearfully opened up to him about all the things that have been troubling me. He did his best to comfort me and although we didn't hug, we had tea. Every day now, I deal with anxiety; I'm very unsettled, shaken and frightened, can't concentrate and desperately want a cuddle, but I daren't initiate contact. Perhaps if I could have a cuddle, I could feel better! I'm trying to do things that will keep me occupied but everything is difficult. The only time I manage to escape it all is when I'm sleeping. I've also got a lot of stuff from the online research going around my head and I feel like I can't do any of the things that help me feel better in myself because I'm doing something wrong; I feel like I'm being rigid and can't look forward to anything and keep hearing horrible voices in my head saying, 'No, that's wrong.' The days are difficult; I'm very lucky to be with my family but they've noticed I've been withdrawn; my appetite's been bad and it's been hard to stomach anything and I basically wish life could return to normal so I could feel a little safer. I'm terrified of passing something on every single day and yet don't want to be on my own and the news frightens me, although I realise the necessity at present. I know we'll all get through this but I'm scared for my sanity and scared for others; I daren't look too far ahead. A friend of mine very kindly sent me a link for a Christian counselling group, assuring me it was for counselling and not correction and that they were inclusive, but right now I've had it up to here with worrying about organised religion. I guess in some sections, I just have to carry on as normal. I suppose real life as it was is always an escape from our worries but I just feel like I've regressed badly. I'm trying to be as honest as possible about my fears and stay afloat, but the anxiety is extremely tough to deal with. I'm going to do my best to look after myself and the people around me; I know I need to count my lucky stars that I'm not alone at this time. I know I've endured all this before and I will survive it; my Dad reckons it was a kind of reaction to all of this and I can't disagree. I'm just terrified to relax, in case something bad happens, or the thoughts creep back in; my anxiety is my constant companion at present! Even using the Calm app can only get me so far in a day and I feel desperately touch-starved. But then I know that's the same with everyone and what about the poor folk dealing with three-month self-isolation, unable to touch or be touched? That's got to be so much worse! How's everybody else doing after that? C x
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  5. As I have previously posted, it’s a tough time for everyone and especially us people with bad anxiety and ocd, however I have suffered because I have been thinking back to something someone I went to high school with in 2007-2010 said when he dropped out of high school, he said “what’s the point in living when your just going to die eventually anyway”, now I never thought much into it because I always figured live life out to what’s possible to what can happen to anything is available, but now with this pandemic, whether it be bad for another month or two or whatever from today, April 1. I’m worried that he was right, I have worried that through previous depression periods before. I now feel more then ever it’s true
  6. Pineapple upside down cake
  7. Yay GBG! Gemma, that sounds fancy! Marmalade cake
  8. Not sure how everyone is getting on with this. But how about what is the county town of Cornwall?
  9. I've had a look at your profile page and your other posts here (hope you don't mind that). You've mentioned about the 'brain in a vat' idea, which is not quite the same as solipsism, but more tricky. Yet since I've already engaged in this topic, I'll try to respond to that too. • Look at the world, the whole world. Does it look like something that a demon (or a machinery) would be capable of recreating in your brain, or that it would want to make? After all, demons are evil spiritual beings; a world made by a demon would look more like Mordor (from The Lord of the Rings). • If you accept the existence of spiritual beings, then you probably also believe in the existence of human souls – as being more and something different than our nervous systems. And souls can't be kept in vats and experimented upon.
  10. Hi Jayne, Dave and Catherine have logged off now but I'm around tomorrow. I'm more than happy to offer any input if I can. Did you have any specific questions?
  11. Hummingbird cake (it’s real, I promise!)
  12. Hi GBG, hope you are well, and hope you get the chance to post for the letter 'g'! Dark chocolate cake
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