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  1. Hi Jayne, Dave and Catherine have logged off now but I'm around tomorrow. I'm more than happy to offer any input if I can. Did you have any specific questions?
  2. Lol no. His farm is other side of Belper. He always moves sheep to the farm this time if year for lambing and to allow land / grass to recover. We are sleepless now for a few weeks. Which is a pain because when I cut my grass they eat it for me.
  3. Yep. Sadly that may mean a knock on delay for the rest of us accessing MH services. Whilst I am at a stage in life with my OCD now I would be ok waiting if it meant frontline NHS staff are prioritised, but I know many others with OCD have already waited months and still not accessed treatment. I am not sure how those in that boat would feel?
  4. So far we don't think many will develop OCD (without prior symptoms), but we will and are seeing people slipping badly from those with existing OCD. That suggests some with unrecognised OCD (mild traits) at this stage may start to develop more obvious OCD soon. What we do suspect is that for many frontline NHS staff we will see a rise in general anxiety, PTSD, depression because of the things they are facing. So certainly charities like our friends at Anxiety UK will see service levels rise in the months ahead.
  5. That sort of is the theme for an article published yesterday where some guy says we should all be a bit OCD. When actually, the odd hand wash is nothing compared to the daily rituals and thought bombardment we endure with OCD.
  6. I think this is important to not let the OCD get hold. I am not sure what the government advice is at the moment about washing groceries, I think other than for those at risk I have not seen anything. I do wash my hands for 20 seconds when I come in from the supermarket, then put my groceries away and then I might wash my hands for another 20 seconds but I don't always do that. From an OCD perspective the best advice we can offer right now is try (where possible) do what is recommended and nothing more. But if we do slip and do that extra clean/wash it's important to not feel guilty and if we can try and not do it next time
  7. Now's a good time to send a note to family/friend and tell them you're thinking about them. We've just the cards for that, excellent quality and ONLY 99p each! We've sold a fair few this week, in fact more than any other time and truth be told, other than your kind donations from £1 to £1000 (for which we remain grateful), these our only other regular income right now, so please do buy some. Secure link to buy 1 or 2 or 10! https://ocduk.org/product-category/greetings-cards/
  8. Stubbornness against the OCD is a great tool to have in the locker at any time Hippos, even more so now
  9. Is anybody having specific OCD worries because of Coronavirus? I found myself slipping down an OCD path of 'what if' these last 24 hours, I had to work hard to not fully go down that road.
  10. Hi Matthew, Sorry to see you're having a difficult time right now, and this is a very good question. Hopefully others will have some thoughts as the evening goes on. I guess you have somewhat answered yourself here though in the more we do any OCD compulsions, in this case you testing your current condition the more that fees the obsession. We used to have an image called the OCD Cycle on the website, might still be there, which shows Obsession > Anxiety > Compulsion > Relief. It's an image used in many books but I now realise is pretty much wrong (technically). Whilst some people do get relief from the compulsions, others find it makes them worse in that precise moment, and forces additional compulsions for 5/10/20 minutes or whatever. So as hard as it may be, if you can focus on something other than your breath in those moments that may eventually take you way from the obsessional thinking? Of course me saying that and you doing it are two different things, I do realise how hard that will be. The only other thought I had was to maybe try and focus on one day at a time, rather than try and finding the bigger picture if that's not easy to do right now? Not sure if any of that waffling helps, but hopefully others will have more helpful suggestions. Stay safe.
  11. Hi Guys, Just to say if you register you don't need to use your full names, the beauty of the forum is we can use aliases. For those that have already I can change your usernames to Firstname Firstletter of surname (or another alias). Is anybody struggling with their OCD tonight? Anything we can help each other with?
  12. Hello again Dave. Hopefully people from your group will log on and say hello/share their OCD challenges during the next couple of hours. I am not sure the format always works for people used to talking face-to-face. Time will tell
  13. We've seen some horrendous journalism about OCD over years. But that from the Wall Street Journal is worst ever IMO. https://www.wsj.com/articles/we-all-need-ocd-now-11585672342 It's behind a paywall. SHOUT ASHLEY Headline Then at the end of the article in the main body of text... The author, Dr. Aboujaoude is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Stanford.
  14. So yesterday morning I woke up feeling a little sweaty and cold, and having spent the last few weeks hearing all about a high fever being a symptom of COVID19 you can imagine where my thoughts started drifting as I lay there. As it happens I had left the heating on overnight by mistake, and I don't do a hot bedroom at night, so that somewhat explains it, but my thoughts were only going one place and that led me to go straight to Google to check the symptoms. I tried reassuring myself that a coronavirus fever is significant and I would know about it, so I forced myself out of bed and into the shower and 20 minutes later I was in the office. But as the day went on a weird mix of feeling warm and cold and weird throat feeling (like the start of a cold) did nothing to stop my racing thoughts. Thankfully I am pretty much able to deal with OCD these days, and whilst my reaction is arguably the same reaction thousands of other people had yesterday, I guess my OCD was trying to take over the directions my thoughts were taking me, but luckily I realised this, that the OCD 'sat nav' was taking me down the wrong direction and so I quickly turned it off and focused on the road signs (the actual symptoms) and quite quickly I was putting the physical symptoms down to overworking, feeling run down and general wear and tear of winter. I woke this morning feeling better, so most likely I had one of those 24 hour things that are all the rage at this time of the year. Fast forward to this lunchtime and the farmer who rents the fields next to our office drive by and I popped outside to chat to him (across a boundary wall and a good few metres apart). He then started dismantling the temporary fence around the office that keeps the sheep away from my office and without thinking I started helping him and then subsequently I opened and closed the field gate so he could drive back out. Only then did I think, we have crossed touched fence posts and immediately my thoughts were again trying to take me down a route I simply don't need to go. Luckily for me I switched back to 'do what is recommended' and I washed my hands, just for 20 seconds and got on with my day. I started eating my lunch, making sure I put those fingers in my mouth as I ate my very unhealthy bag of crisps. As my colleague chipped in across messenger "Oh well if you get corona at least you’ll be quiet for a bit"... I needed that sarcasm, because that laughter got me back on track and to writing this post. I am fortunate, I am in a good place with my OCD and I generally get myself back on track quickly, plus I am surrounded by good people who will ensure they force me back on track if I am taking a wrong OCD turn. So I guess my message to those of us with OCD (and perhaps without) is the Sat Nav is not always right, we don't have to listen to it, and if we do occasionally let it guide us, we can still change direction.
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