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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I agree with you, I'm looking for problems that connect to blood and hiv. I think I did a big step today by cleaningcuo the blood . I feel exhausted because of the panic attack I had before. I keep forgetting the facts about contamination of hiv. It dosnt last long on surfaces anyway. I really appreciate your help. Thank you, I will save this response for future anxiety attacks.
  2. Hi, for those who have read my continuous posts about HIV, you might be aware that I work in a shop. For some reason I keep coming in contact with dry blood. This morning I had to clean a mirror, the spray I was using had a giant blood stain on it so I cleaned it off (for someg exposure therapy) I didn't use gloves, which I really should of done. But I did not. I used some paper towle. To my knowledge I didn't come in contact directly with the blood. Few moments later I cleaned a mirror that also had a smear of dried blood, I sprayed it with glass cleaner then wiped it with a paper towel. Now I'm in an obvious state of panic. I cut my finger last night so what if it managed to enter my cut. Why do I keep seeing blood? What the hell is going on?! I seriously need some help.
  3. Okay I know everyone's getting sick of me, I'm sick off me. I have another situation, I've been tagging items in work. I stabbed myself with the pin, it drew blood. All was fine I moved on with my life, I didnt think "what if someons already been stabbed with the needle".. An hour later, I find dried blood on an item and I've completely lost it. I have cuts on my hand and touched blood instantly washed my hands but I'm freaking out again. No surprise.
  4. And no, I'm not in therapy. Most days I have the odd episode and can usually manage. The past few weeks has been obsessions after obsessions. I think it's s because I'm more stressed at the moment. I'm not on medication, I didn't make a difference and I don't agree with it anyway. Im still struggling to eat my food.
  5. Yes, I found that out the hard way. Well I'm taking a huge step right now. I've just ordered a curry I took it out of the bag with tissues so it didn't go all over my hands. I look at the tissue and there's something red and raisedon it. All I can think is, it's blood. It's took me 20 minutes to have a fork full. I'm still struggling, I want to throw it in the bin.
  6. Okay so, I've tried to come up with a plan to help me, I clearly don't know the facts about hiv transmission. I pick the skin on my hands, and I work in retail so I always have open cuts. So if I come across a bodily fluid I freak out. I'm scared of bodily flueds because of contamination. Earlier today, the girls toilets where I worked had blood on the handle (disgusting) it was dry but obviously I'm still panicking. I only noticed on my second trip into the toilets. I used my jacket to open the door, but did I touch it before I don't know. So know I'm obsessing about that 'what if I touched the blood when it was wet' . I can handle intrusive thoughts about harming people and other things. But my health, I feel like I can't manage. How do we overcome anxiety about health.
  7. I was in work, I had to price check a pen. I took the pen off the customer then I noticed it was wet at the top. (child might of sucked on it) It went all over my hand, which I got a paper cut on earlier. I'm now freaking out about what if this child had hiv and its gone into my cut and now I'm once again infected.
  8. Hi all, recently I've been having a tough time. I think it was back in November, I posted on here about accidentally stabbing myself with a tagging gun. This fear has returned. I beret ended up getting tested, I just convinced myself I was OK. The last two/three months ive been getting dizzy spells and feeling tired all the time. So I had a blood count done, everything came back fine but I'm still getting odd symptoms. Now I'm thinking, what if I did actually contract HIV from the tagging gun. That's why my symptoms are showing up now. I'm in a spiral of panic yet again. I think I'm really going to get a hiv test done, but I'm too scared to phone up.
  9. I was about to go to the toilet in a pub when I realised it had blood on it so like an idiot I grabbed some tissue and tried to wipe it off. Now I feel like hink I've caught hiv because I have a few cuts on my fingers. I'm freaking out. Please help.
  10. Thank you everyone for replying. For me reassurance seeking is like an addiction. This particular ocd episode is over but it's starting with somthing new. It's almost my nanas anniversary and I get really bad this time of year. My mind doesn't focus. It's all over the place, and I started a new job 2 months ago so I'm still a little anxious. I've had two obsessive thoughts about hiv, and thoughts that I'm not good enough to work here. That's because my assistant manager keeps making. what I believe to be passive aggressive comments. I'm just fed up of everything at the moment.
  11. I found your information helpful. It's helped me to think a little more rational. Thank you.
  12. Thank you everyone for replying. It means a lot. I've been researching it all day, everything I've red says that hiv can last outside the body for days. I really don't know. This is the worst hiv issue I've had. I'm an idiot sometimes. If I was careful I might not have cut myself. I don't even want to go to work. It was smy day off today and i've spent the whole day crying. I told my boyfriend that if I have it I'd kill myself, I shouldn't of said that to him x
  13. When this first happened on Thursday I thought it was an ocd fear but now I think it is an actual possibility I could of caught it, depending on if he guy has it himself.
  14. I don't think anything could help. I think if the person I work with has hiv I could catch it, even though I didn't see any visible blood on the bauble or the item he passed me. I'll have to wait now and get a test. Then deal with the outcome.
  15. I really don't know. At first when I typed this I thought it was another ocd moment. This happened on Thursday. The bauble I cut myself on, I couldn't see any blood, but I wasn't really looking for it. But there could have been a tiny bit on blood on the bit I cut myself on. I really don't know what to do.
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