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  1. Thanks guys...I will try and I hope all will be ok...I am little anxiuos as on many forums on google there are lot of bad words for zoloft
  2. Thanks....I used in the past cipralex for 6 months and had no side effects at all except weight gain..30lbs...so that is the reason why we decided to change it to Zoloft...I hope that this will be the same ...
  3. Thanks PolarBear...next to this I am very concerned about sexual function. I checked Google and must say that majority of things that I saw are really scary!!
  4. Hi all, I have OCD and health anxiety and during last talk with my gp we agreed that I should take ssri...he prescribed me Zoloft. I have experience in the past as I was using Cipralex for 6 months and only side effect that I had was weight gain...approx 30lbs. So what is your Zoloft experience and what are most common side effects!
  5. Hi all, Last night I had a dream where my I was walking on the street and my heart started to bump like crazy it was like it is happening in reality...in the dream I said to myslef that all is ok calm yourself down and bumping decreased...after that I woke up totally normal in the middle of the night and since then I cant stop thinking about the dream...many thoughts pop on my mind like was this bumping in the dream or really my heart started to go like crazy..was this caused by the dream or heart bumping caused to have this dream...was I in danger etc...now I cant relax at all and feel so sttressed and scared that it will happen again. I am trying to think rational and to convince myself that all is ok and that it was just a dream but I cant :-((((
  6. Hi Polar Bear, this is late answer as I was on vacation...major things that I do are: - often checking my pulse - often measure my BP - Checking my breathing and immediately if focus on it I start to breathe hard and feel like I cant inspire enough air - Always checking my body and a small chest pain or someyhing similar increase my anxiety Are these compulsions or I am moving to Hypochondria...This thing is so annoying that I am not the same person as before Thanks
  7. Hi Polar Bear, Thanks for your comments and support!! Major problem is that I feal real like false symptoms...dizzines,buzzing in ears,chest pain...and after that my anxiety increase..I know that dr's are correct and that I am healthy but i still have doubt as I produce these symptoms :(((((
  8. Dear all, I had a big problem in the past with Schiz OCD but now I have new obsession...fear of Heart Attack and that I will die....few months ago I had a Panick Attack where I was 101% sure that I have heart attack and now I cant get rid of it...I did all exams and all said that my heart is totally healthy and that I have stomach problem..hiatus hernia and chronic gastritis and I still cant stop thinking that I will collapse and die...last Tuesday I had last exam and was calm for 1 day until yesterday there was on TV that our famous actor died on stage from hart attack and now I started to think that I am at risk and that same could happen to me...even when I went with my son to walk yesterday I was so anxious and always thinking that I will die infront of him :(((( Now I have whole day buzzing in my ears...chest pain etc....I talked with my GP and he told me to take Rivotril when I feel like this but I just want to overcome this stupid issue :))) Did anybody had similar problem and what is the best way to overocme it as I feel very bad and like I have symptoms which increase my anxiety and fear that something can happen and that I will leave my wife and 2 year old son :((((((
  9. @Handy..I know that this is just mental issue but I am scarde that I will develop new obsession or that I will flip and start to beleive in this... @Stefano...thanks for the answer...yes my OCD often replace subject but it always come back to major one...fear of Schiz...and now it is 4 years since I develop and I still dont have it but doubt exist...
  10. Hi all, I have a fear that I will develop Paranoid Schiz last 4 years and must say that I felt much better in last few months Few days ago I watched tv series Better Call Saul where one guy have electromagnetic hypersensitivity and he is locked in hes house This morning thought that I may develop it poped on my mind...and I know that this is mental thing I started to thing what if I start to beleive in this and destroy my whole life...that I will be home locked, that I will develop symptoms etc I am successfull businessman and family man and I am so scared that if I start to beleive in this it will destroy my career and family and that I will be marked as looney...
  11. Hi Polar Bear, Thanks a lot for your comment I know that this is a way but it seems that it is hard for me to do it.I always repeat to myself this is OCD but at the end I catch myself like a fish...also like I said before when I manage to overpass one thought immediately second one comes to prolong doubt
  12. Thanks When I refocus I feel much better especially when I am on my job but when I am alone it is very hard to do so
  13. Thanks Markie...but how to stop compulsions...If I stop I think that I will start to believe in my thoughts
  14. Hi Lyn/Markie, Thanks for the answers and support Main problem is as I start to requestion myself it seems so real after that I really think that I am going crazy Also as soon as I convince myself that it is OCD thought second one appears to prolong doubt My main concern and what prolongs my doubt is are these thoughts OCD or psychotic as all that I read about OCD is that intrusive thoughts have subject: I am pedo- what if I hurt a child, I am killer- what if I kill somebody etc and my are: what if my kid is Demian so it sounds like psychosis...ahhh I dont know what to do
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