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  1. Some might though and if it helps one person then it's worth it.
  2. Love this post. Thanks you for sharing 💕
  3. Amazing post. Thank you 💕
  4. Oh Roy, I have only been on this form for a short time and you have been suck an inspiration to me. I hope you enjoy a well earned break. Hopefully see you back on here one day, for the right reasons of course 😊 X x x
  5. Thanks Malina, Yeah it's just frustrating that one thing that someone can say to you can tip you right over the edge. I have been seeing a therapist who specialises is OCD, have another appointment with her on Friday. I just need to get into a better frame of mind and start fighting back harder as currently OCD is whipping me badly 😔 X x
  6. I am a little less distressed than I was when I left her offices, and so far no men/women in white coats have came to my door 🙄 Still just a little shaken from the experience x
  7. Thank you for your replies everyone. She just really scared me, making me doubt I have OCD and I'm actually capable of acting out my thoughts x x x
  8. Hi All, Me again. So today I went to a Dr, not my own to ask for something to take the edge of my anxiety. I explained to her that I was having intrusive thoughts about hurting my self and my sons (these have been my themes all along) and she told me she was going to have to esculate it and told me I should go to A & E. Then she asked me if I was hearing voices (which I'm not). P.s. I have no incline to hurt myself, or my children or anyone else... She has just made me feel so down in the dumps it's unreal. I am under the care of an OCD specialist and have been taking medication for 6 weeks.
  9. I have just recently started taking them (week) 5 starting this week. I've have a few side effects, but nothing crazy. Increase anxiety, just the usual stuff with any SSRI. My GP said that steraline is the best one fir OCD, but that's not fact, think it's just most commen one prescribed. My advice would be start off 25mg and work your way up if you feel you can x x
  10. Taurean, I absolutely love your post. So inspiring and you give me so much hope for recovery 🙏😊
  11. Thank you @dksea, I'm feeling a little better as the day is going on, but will definitely speak with my doctor. This does happen sometimes with my anxiety and I'm not sure if I'm fully awake or lightly sleeping, but it's still scary all the same. As soon as I come too I am aware of where i am, but it's still not a nice feeling x x x
  12. Hi guys, Me again. I am looking for some guidance. I have had a really bad night, constantly waking with anxiety and mind racing, usual anxiety stuff, but what is scaring me is I keep thinking I am somewhere else, not in my own bed or my own house. It's such a horrible feeling and will linger on with me into the day now 😒 I feel like I have had very little sleep and will be off for the entire day now. Could this be a side effect it zoloft, I'm only on 25mgs, but they make me feel pretty horrible (3rd week). I'm terrified to up the dose as I feel the will make me feel even worse. My hubby goes back to work in a week and a half and I just don't think I'll be able to cope when he goes 😭 Thanks for reading. Deb x x x
  13. Yes, reading on the Internet is definitely a bad more, I'm almost always left feeling worse off 😳
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