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  1. Hi there, Your sons story resonates so much with my own journey tackling OCD, mine used to be more overt and is now mainly mental obsessions. I also have the all or nothing thinking which is a common trait in OCD, mostly doing the nothing so struggling to even leave my bed. I’ve had lots of different therapies/therapists even intensive in-patient treatment at the specialist centres and been under pharmacologists trying pretty much everything with little or no results so I do believe that there are certain individuals who are treatment resistant. As for the Pregabalin I take that atm and I find is very helpful anxiety wise and is a great alternative to benzodiazepines, although as said before everyone is different when it comes to what works an what doesn’t.
  2. DRFCno1

    Self Help Advice

    Thanks Lynz I will give that book a try.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on any self help books, vids etc regarding decision making and obsessive questioning? I would be very grateful as I am really struggling to get through each day and know there are lots of books and other material on OCD and how best to treat it. Thank you in advance.
  4. DRFCno1

    Simple Refocus Exercises

    Yes ecomum you're spot on! ???
  5. DRFCno1

    Simple Refocus Exercises

    Noooooo!!! Shopping makes my anxiety rocket. ? The train is a good one or I find going to a football match and absorbing myself in the atmosphere.
  6. DRFCno1

    There's got to be more

    How often are you getting CBT?
  7. DRFCno1

    There's got to be more

    There are other options (DBS etc..) but they would be difficult to access on the NHS and would be quite expensive privately. There are various trials that you can volunteer for on the NHS but would have to meet certain criteria like having tried intensive inpatient CBT which I would recommend you try first before going down the surgery route. Hope you feel better soon bruces.
  8. Well how do the meds help your condition then? Then if this is true then that would mean having a chemical imbalance is a good thing?!
  9. Yes I can totally relate as I do this and it's only since having OCD, it's not just larger people either, it can be how people dress the sound of their voice even the way they walk and any other 'imperfections' as I see them as. The thing is I'm really very accepting naturally no matter what. Treat it as an obsession!
  10. DRFCno1


    You could ask your GP for a few benzos just to help you get through this initial period until the meds start to work.
  11. DRFCno1

    Rock bottom

    CMHT's do indeed have psychiatrists in their team.
  12. Ooh very touchy and confrontational, not setting a great example for an OCD charity CEO, think your attitude would be more off putting to users rather than alternative ways to 'possibly' a reduction in their illness. I think I'll take the hint and leave this forum but thanks everyone for your great advice and interesting posts and hope you succeed in your battle to best this terrible illness. ?
  13. And where is the proof that they wouldn't? You could say that about any sort of surgery.
  14. Yes absolutely think they would Legend!
  15. Yes desperate and vulnerable people that it could help!? What are the realities you perceive regarding DBS Ashley? I was actually offered DBS by a well known Professor of OCD but didn't feel quite ready to try it as wanted to try more therapy first.