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  1. I got there and it had been cancelled due to the Coronavirus 😞 I was expecting it to be cancelled perhaps in a couple of weeks time but not just yet.
  2. I'm so sorry Ashley 😞 I hope you recover soon. I feel over yesterday and am very bruised and have pulled muscles all over the place - ridiculous! Wishing you well
  3. Hi felix4, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. I'm dreading tomorrow. Worried the other people on the course won't have similar intrusive thoughts to mine and about having intrusive thoughts whilst there. I know all forms of OCD are to be treated the same but it's talking about it it with others. One of the themes is something my brain latched on to (obviously) and isn't a common one. It's also really hard to explain it. I know I must try and be optimistic about the course. It's just very hard, as you know. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. I may have a question or two!
  4. Looking back I can see that tendencies were there in childhood, and I certainly had BDD from a fairly young age, but for me OCD properly set in when I was twenty. I wish with every part of me I could go back to before that moment😥big hugs to you all
  5. I'm glad the walk helped😊being indoors too much definitely doesn't help in all sorts of ways! I've been better but have had a fairly productive day thank you. Managed to fall over quite theatrically ealier on though. Was attempting a shot on goal playing football with my son...indoors on a hard wooden floor, ouch!!
  6. Is it safe to come out now do you think VNDO😁hehe! How are you doing today?
  7. Oh dear, what on earth is going on here? Wish I'd never started the thread now😄🤨I was purely interested in other people's experiences.
  8. Nicely said VNDO, Hopefully we can just go back to being a support to one another now. I don't care to comment anymore on what OCDhavenobrain said - it was almost laughable except there's nothing funny about migraine or OCD. Unless people have experienced something for themselves it would appear that for some it's difficult for them to understand or even try to. I hope you have had a reasonable day VNDO, hugs
  9. Felix4, thank you so much! It's really good to hear from someone who has attended the clinic. I'm feeling really apprehensive about it but know I must give it a go. Time will tell. I shall let you know how I get on. It starts next Monday! Where are you in your recovery/treatment now?
  10. I have to disagree. My migraines started when I was at primary school, before OCD. I inherited them from my mother. I'm purely interested that's all. It is said that people with migraine are 5 times more likely to go on to develop an anxiety disorder. I first posted this thread just to see if there was anyone else experiencing something similar. Health anxiety is not something I suffer with. All I've said is that there is a probable link between the two as they are both neurological disorders.
  11. I hope you are feeling a little better after some rest VNDO? Yes I thought there may be more people who suffer with both. I really started this thread from an interest point of view but it's nice that we can support one another. It doesn't apply to or interest everyone I know. In regards to OCD, I take it that you have provided your mother with plenty of reading matter and pointed her towards the various websites that explain about the disorder. That it's not just something you can stop doing just like that, and that you need some professional input?!
  12. I'm sorry? Are you saying having another debilitating illness such has migraine is an obsession?? As for questioning whether one has OCD. From what I have understood from others and have read about, this is is part of having the disorder as that is what it can do. It isn't called the 'doubting disease' for no reason!!
  13. Following the above post I went on to develop a migraine which meant bed, darkness and pure agony. But along with that were my thoughts and the knowing that even when the pain subsides the thoughts won't. I can almost remember a feeling of absolute relief that the pain had gone and all was well again (before OCD) Now I cannot look forward to that feeling because the torture continues inside my head. It goes on and on and on.
  14. Do any fellow migraine sufferers feel they can cope more with the OCD if the pain of migraine isn't so bad? I just don't know how to move forward when stuck in this terrible cycle of pain and intrusive thoughts. I don't know how to break this never ending loop. The sun is shining. I'm surrounded by a beautiful forest. I have a lovely home and family and yet I can't or don't or won't or whatever the right word is, appreciate it. I'm totally stuck. Anyone else feel this way? I suspect a lot of you do. I'm rambling, sorry. I do want to post about 'appreciating' what one has at some point but feel I should go and attempt some mediation while my son is out. They'll be back soon. Wishing you all a good Sunday x
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