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  1. This illness can make you feel very lonely. You are constantly igniting things off in your own mind. Mindfulness is good. A CPN nurse once sad to me just take it one hour at a time to f you can not face the day, that helped me.
  2. Hi there I was just wondering if you find your ocd as gotten worse since lock down and this pandemic has started. I feel mine has but I am still coping ok. My problem is change and so nice we have started to come out of lock down. I did my really like to be on my own too much as my ocd thoughts are worse. My hubby belongs to a number of local concert bands and of course he hasn’t been going so we have spent our evening together. From next week he is going back to them and of course he should but I am obsessing about being on my own. I have a problem with dates and think some thing is going hap
  3. Thank you so much Belanne. I too not sure I believe or not. I think there is something but not sure what and I really don’t believe in the Devil, which makes these thoughts so ridicules. I think it is the unknown that cause my ocd thoughts and as you know ocd loves doubt. Yes being on my mind doesn’t help the thoughts at all but I can not be afraid all the time, that is why I face it. Like you being surround by family and friends does help but I sometimes feel they get a little fed up with it all. The sad part of all this ,is I have a lovely one year old grand daughter who I love to bits but
  4. Does any one else not like being on their own
  5. Hi there. Now my main problems is not wanted to be on my own. This is because I think something bad and evil is going to happen to me or a loved one. My ocd centres around making dates in my head and then thinking something evil coming after me. I know it all ocd nonsense but when the thought come they are not good. I have dealt with these thoughts for over 38 years. Some of that time I have not had them at all and other times they got so bad I ended up on a mental ward. That only happen once back in 1999. At the moment I am in another flare up which start last January. My thoughts are worse i
  6. Moser reassurance just fuels the ocd thought and your rumination. These are just thoughts they mean nothing. Stop ruminating and they will pass. All of us on here have been where you are now. I still have ocd thoughts and some days are better than others but in the end these are just thoughts with no meaning to them at all. Just let them be and they will pass
  7. These are completely ocd rumination and really you only making a deal with your own ocd brain. Also God knows they are all ocd thoughts so these so called deals don’t count for anything. I suffer from religious ocd as well and our stupid brains can tie us up in knots as polar bear has said. Once youvrealize these are just unless thoughts and they have no meaning at all you will be on the road to recovery but it is not an easy road and our ocd will try to put doubt in our minds. Hope this helps a bit
  8. Thank you all. I am going to do it again and again and start to enjoy myself again. I have taken up a new hobby. Diamond painting and that really for us me.
  9. Welcome Jumbo you show that ocd and kick it into touch. Each success will make you even braver. Keep going
  10. Hi there everyone I have had this illness for nearly 40 years. There have been good times and not so good times. At the moment I am in not such a good time, however I try and take it a day at a time. My ocd is around dates and being on my own. For some reason My think something horrible supernatural will come and get me. I don’t even believe in that stuff but as you all know ocd goes after the thing that really upsets you. Mine been by the unknown. I think I have two types of ocd and that is religious ocd and magic thinking so back to what my post is all about. I really hate being on
  11. Yes treat all the thoughts as ocd. That is what they are. It is hard though when you get in that cirrcle
  12. Thank you all for your replies. It help so much to get advice from fellow suffers. Today has been a better day. I am just accepting the thoughts as that thoughts and them letting them go. Thank you once again.
  13. Does Anyone else like n this forum have religious forum have religious OCD or deal with the same problems I experience
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