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  1. Thank you all. I am going to do it again and again and start to enjoy myself again. I have taken up a new hobby. Diamond painting and that really for us me.
  2. Welcome Jumbo you show that ocd and kick it into touch. Each success will make you even braver. Keep going
  3. Hi there everyone I have had this illness for nearly 40 years. There have been good times and not so good times. At the moment I am in not such a good time, however I try and take it a day at a time. My ocd is around dates and being on my own. For some reason My think something horrible supernatural will come and get me. I don’t even believe in that stuff but as you all know ocd goes after the thing that really upsets you. Mine been by the unknown. I think I have two types of ocd and that is religious ocd and magic thinking so back to what my post is all about. I really hate being on my own and will think of a date and then think if I am on my own something will happen. I know this is irrational and I will do anything to not be on my own. However today I took myself in hand and was on my own for a whole two hours. Now to some of you this is not a big deal but to me I felt like I got hold of my ocd and throw it back at its self. I am so pleased with myself. I know I have away to go and when I am well I enjoy being on my own. It takes small steps to get better again and I feel I have taken the first ones. Thank you for reading. OCD you are not going to rule me. I will beat you
  4. Yes treat all the thoughts as ocd. That is what they are. It is hard though when you get in that cirrcle
  5. Thank you all for your replies. It help so much to get advice from fellow suffers. Today has been a better day. I am just accepting the thoughts as that thoughts and them letting them go. Thank you once again.
  6. Does Anyone else like n this forum have religious forum have religious OCD or deal with the same problems I experience
  7. Yes I get this as well. I was in a very dark place 21 years ago, where I ended up in a mental hospital. From that time I decided I would never let myself get there again.
  8. Dim This is just ocd thoughts. Just looking at someone and them looking back at you can not cause anything to happen to you. This is magic thinking ocd. You have to try and not react to these thoughts which is a lot harder side than done. We all have strange thoughts on here but it is the way you react to them that will help you get better. I have magic thinking ocd and I know how hard it is to get over but you can do it. Are you on any medication or seeing a therapist. How long have you been suffering. Just take it one day at a time. You will get there in the end.
  9. Hello my name is Imogen and I am 58 years old. I have suffered with ocd for over 38 years. Sometimes I have no intrusive thoughts at all and other times they have been over welling. Most of the time I cope very well but this COVID 19 period has been challenging. I know I will get better again and keep on fighting. That is the only way we will get better

    1. Ashley


      Hi Imogen, welcome to the forums. :)   Great message to keep on fighting! 

    2. Gemma7


      Hi Imogen :) It's great to see a new member on the forum. Hope you're doing well x

  10. Hello there I hope are all doing well. I come to this forum most days but normally only read the post I am trying my best to cope. I have had my OCD for many years. Sometimes it is completely gone and other times it is completely consuming. At the moment I think I am half way between the two. I have found lock down quite hard because I have had too much free time to think. I normally work 3 days a week but have been Off for the last 2 weeks as I was meant to go on holiday to the Canary Islands but of course it was cancelled, so my ocd has been a little stronger. My thoughts are normally worse in the morning and get better as the day goes on. my ocd centres around dates and the devil even though I am not over religious. My mind thinks of situations when my normal routine changes and it then focuses on that point in time and I feel something bad is going to happen to me or a loved one. I know this is magic thinking and My rational side knows that nothing is ever going to happen. I do practise cbt and this does help but sometimes things get over powering. At the moment I am worried about going back to work because I have been out of my routine. I know when I get there I will be fine it is just the apprehension of going back. I love my work. I am a nurse in an old people’s home. Also next Friday I am babysitting my 6 month old grand daughter and I am obsessing about that date as well. I love babysitting her and when I get there I will be fine again it is the apprehension. I hate myself for being like this and just want these thoughts to subside. I know what I must do and I can do it and I will get better. I am not looking for reassurance I just wanted to off load how I am feeling at the moment. Writing it all down has help me vent my anxiety. Most of the time I cope really well but because we have been in this situation for 3 months my normal coping stategis are not working so well. One of my biggest fears is being on my own. Normally 3 times a week my hubby will be out in the evening and I am left on my own. So I face my fear. Now that he doesn’t go out I am worrying about the next time I will be on my own. I sometime make sure I am on my own just to face my fear but again my routine has changed. Sorry rambling on. I was wondering if any if out else feels like this. I know all our odds are different but was wondering if you are thrown out of your normal routine your ocd get worse. Thank you for listening it has helped me a lot to write these things down.
  11. I have taken up diamond art painting and it is very therapeutic. Have done A lot of small ones, now that n my first big one.
  12. Mark. You did well to sit with the anxious feeling. Now you need to do it again. You need to play on your PlayStation 4 for May be 15mins. I know you have ocd thoughts about something happen next year but these are just magic thinking thoughts and your thought can not cause anything to happen. I know how this is making you feel as I experience these sort of thoughts but you have got to realise that is all they are. They are meaningless. It is hard Mark and you will not get over this just like that but work at it daily and the thoughts will become less frightening trust me. Hope this helps you.
  13. It sure is Mark and it is different to normal ocd but it is still ocd. We have to just take it one day at a time. It will slowly get better. Try not to avoid doing things just because you ocd say too. You need to fight the thoughts and try not to do too many can compulsion. It is hard but can be done.
  14. Yes my thoughts are worse in the morning but get better as the day goes on. I think it is just because we are waking up and you are not quite on top of things
  15. Yes I sure then and replied. What we have to remember is that our thought can not cause anything to happen to us. It is just this stupid illness
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