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    Painting,jewellery making,writing poetry,sewing and anything artistic.

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  1. I've had a blip lately avoiding a compulsion higher up my heirachy list, I took time out and let that one be, had a breather for a while and carried on where I was at until I felt ready to face it again. 

    Its took a few days for me to be able to tackle it again but I'm up and running again and managed it this morning so feeling proud :cheer:

    So taking time out avoiding just that one compulsion you find to bothersome to tackle at the moment doesn't have to be a catastrophe, it's just a blip and you can just pick up again where you left off and nothing is lost :)

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    2. lostinme


      Thankyou Gemma :) Onwards and upwards I go again :yes:

      Hope your ok and still doing well :)

    3. taurean


      I think this is excellent. Time out seems a good approach, especially where pushing on would be a backward step and maybe create a crisis. 

      Nice approach lost :cheer:

    4. lostinme


      Thanks Roy, it worked for me doing it this way. Before when I've avoided doing a compulsion that seems to much for me at that time I seem to slip more backwards with the others I've already overcome then it's like the downward spiral. So at least this way Ive stopped exactly where I was and not lost anything only a little time and then resumed when I felt strong enough to face it :yes: