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    Painting,jewellery making,writing poetry,sewing and anything artistic.

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  1. I’ve felt really low today, I had to take my little doggy back to the vets to check her over. She has got to go and have a operation next Wednesday to remove a mammary tumour, so I’m feeling sad and shocked :(

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    2. taurean


      Remember lost your dog will be in proper veterinary care when you take her for the operation, and what will be will be. Don't worry! You carry on regardless and meanwhile make sure she has all the love and affection that can be provided. You cannot do any more than that. I love animals as you know so sending my best wishes to you both. :king:


    3. lostinme


      Thanks Gemma, Your right, there was a time when a worry would totally consume my every movement, quite often leaving me not wanting to do anything and often staying in bed and this only exaggerates the worry more :( 

      How things have changed and I seem to cope much better with things :yes: 

    4. lostinme


      Thankyou Roy, I know :) 

      Im trying not to worry to much about it until we know more:yes: We are having plenty of lovely cuddles and giving her lots of tlc as always and that’s all we can do. She is one of our family and I love her millions bless her, just hoping for the best :)