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  1. Phew what a morning, Ive managed to sort things out with the fraud team and now I’ve got to change all my details on everything I use. I wonder if they realise what this does to a persons wellbeing or do they not care :(

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    2. lostinme


      Cheers Roy :), it’s an awful situation to find myself in, but something I need to deal with sadly :(

    3. taurean


      It's a real trawl changing the details held by others, but you will come through this lost. 

      It's just an example of the bad side of the 21st century - sadly there are awful people out there who have no respect for other people's property health and well-being. 

      Hope you are feeling better about it now. The majority of people are loving caring, it's a minority that do these despicable things. 

      Sending you best wishes :flowers2:


    4. lostinme


      Thank you Roy for your kind wishes :)

      I’m just feeling very vulnerable and apprehensive about using my bank and things at the moment but I suppose in time these feelings will gradually fade away and return to normal :yes:

      Hope you and j are ok and have a good day :)

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