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    Painting,jewellery making,writing poetry,sewing and anything artistic.

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  1. I felt a right fool today only turned up for a college course a day early :lol:

    Im laughing now but I wasn’t at the time, it’s a huge place and I was feeling very anxious as it was, it sent me into sheer panic overdrive. Got to face it all again tomorrow now :lol:

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    2. lostinme


      Thankyou Roy and Avo, who would have thought it, two years ago I wouldn’t even have considered it never mind do it. It’s amazing how far I’ve come and I’m looking forward to my next day there. Nervous but excited at the same time :yes:

    3. taurean


      It's OK to be a little nervous. Most actors, however illustrious, feel nervous before they first enter stage.

      A goalkeeper likes to get his first feel of the football in a match, then he starts to settle down for action. 

      Having followed your story lost, and been with you online for the latter part of your journey, you should feel proud of what you have been able to achieve. 

      Your story shines a strong beacon of light out for others to follow. :) ? 


    4. lostinme


      Bless you my friend, you are so very kind :) you’ve basically been on my journey with me, through the rough and the smooth. 

      I look at it a bit like ive been imprisoned for ten years and then im starting to face society again, it’s going to be a little nerve racking at first. Things can seem so much different over the years and how you remember things so not only are you discovering new things out and about, but also discovering the new you too. It’s strange but true :)

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