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  1. When your day just goes from bad to worse ? and you just wish you hadn’t bothered getting up ? 

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    2. taurean


      "Thats where the mindfulness tools come in very handy running along side the CBT" 

      That's spot on lost. When we switch our mind into focusing right in on what we are doing right now, where we are, in the present, in the moment - it shuts out the other side of the brain (the active "doing" part where all the obsessional thinking, compulsing and the OCD-focusing lens function) and our mind and body relax. 

    3. lostinme


      Exactly Roy it’s a great tool to run along side CBT :yes:

    4. taurean


      I think where people go wrong is in the misconception that mindfulness on its own is a treatment for OCD. 

      It wouldn't be - to overcome the OCD we need to learn, and put into practice, CBT. Otherwise the OCD can still fester, worsen, add layers of restrictions. 

      But add the mindfulness to the CBT - as was done by my last therapist - and you acquire a very powerful combination of therapies. 

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