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    Painting,jewellery making,writing poetry,sewing and anything artistic.

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  1. Hi guys long time no see, I’ve not been very active of late because I’ve had a few ups and downs and I didn’t really feel I had any positive input to offer sadly. I’m still on a bit of a low or perhaps a lot of one to be honest, I’ve had to have six teeth out and a denture fitting and as usual nothing goes straight forward for me and complications always happen, things never seem to go to plan. It’s really knocked my confidence and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment but I know things will slowly get better. 

    Hope you are all fit and well and still moving forward. Best wishes always lost x

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    2. taurean


      I am so glad you "found" us again lost. 

      I do perfectly well with my denture plate lost, and have had one for years. 

      Hope those other issues "crawl back into their box" and you can "push it back under the stairs" again soon. 

      All the best 

      Roy :king:

    3. taurean


      By the way, :flowers2: :fool:

    4. lostinme


      Cheers Roy, they made me smile 😃 

      Sorry I must seem really rude, no sooner I dropped in again and then I vanish. It’s been a rough week for me not only had I got continuing issues I’ve also got more issues regarding my extraction so yet another visit to the dentist tomorrow :( Just hoping they can sort it out this time. 

      My daughters father had a heart attack this weekend too, but thankfully after having stents inserted he is doing fine now. Its been a very emotional time especially for my daughter.

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