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  1. We can never run away from the thoughts in our own minds, but we can learn how to walk along side them :yes:

    1. taurean


      Very true lost. :)


    2. taurean


      I was thinking about this, and it reminded me of an article on using metaphors to handle troublesome thoughts. 

      One was to treat our thoughts as passengers on a bus, with us the driver. 

      When they get to reach nuisance level, we tell them that unless they fall in line and quieten down, they will be thrown off the bus at the next stop. 

      Another one I liked is thinking of upsetting thoughts as waves on a choppy sea. 

      But if we put on SCUBA diving gear, we can dive down beneath the choppy thought waves and discover the calm that lies beneath. 

      You may happen to ask what SCUBA means? Well it's really simple - self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. 

      Is it comfortable breathing underwater with SCUBA gear? Yes it is. I attended a training evening at my private health club and after learning all about the equipment and safely communicating underwater, we got to try the equipment out in the pool. 

      The air is compressed air, same as we breathe on the surface. 


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