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  1. Hello, I've recently been diagnosed with OCD and I'm a new member on this forum. Any advice/feedback on how cut out rumination would be much appreciated. I love reading everyone's stories and techniques!
  2. Hi there, instead of telling the thoughts (I don't want you in my head, you've been here long enough) just accept the thoughts and something helpful someone mentioned on here was when an intrusive thought or image pops up, just tell yourself "okay" and go back to what you were doing or move your mind onto positive thoughts or images(think of all the things that makes you happy). It is definitely easier said than done but as time goes on, this will become easier for you. Hope this helps, take care!
  3. Hi there, have you considered trying a decaffeinated coffee? The only reason I ask is because I try to avoid drinking caffeine as well since it is known for spiking anxiety, which I still struggle with because I love tea so much. I drink a lot of caffeine-free tea, and recently picked up some decaffeinated coffee. I have yet to try it but hopefully it's enjoyable ?
  4. Hi Mrs. Porter, I too suffer from OCD and notice it definitely escalates when I am about to start my period or while I'm on it. My heart aches for your daughter and for you having to witness it. With that being said, I have read the vitamin B-12 might, I personally have not tried it with my symptoms, but I have been looking into it. Experts say Kava can help with anxiety also. For me drinking tea helps a lot(honey lavender, occasionally chamomile). Is she currently seeing a therapist that specializes in OCD patients? I would have practice mindfulness and positive reinforcement with her thoughts- meaning "bully" back the nasty OCD voice. When I have an intrusive thought or image, I tell myself "this has nothing to do with my character, this is just a thought and even though I had it, I'm not doing this in real life." Or I'll take the people or animals involved in the thought and make myself imagine a positive scenery instead. It takes me a couple minutes to let the negative thought go, but I try my best to over analyze or find reasoning as to why I had the thought. I also tell myself that "if I have an intrusive thought or image, I won't be afraid or worried" since im a lot more mindful of my OCD. Reactions to the thoughts and images are EVERYTHING, meaning if I become afraid, sad, distressed with the thought, I'm giving the OCD more power than I should. I hope this helps and I wish the best of luck with you and your daughter. Xoxo
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