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  1. Feeling really upset about this past compulsion tonight 😔
  2. Hi, I know I have posted on here before about this topic, I am really sorry to talk about it again, I am just really really struggling from the guilt of one of my past compulsions. The compulsion was to repeat a rude phrase out loud about a loved one to myself in private (the phrase which it wanted me to say is not something I have ever, ever thought before and the phrase it wanted me to say upsets me a lot) to prevent my intrusive thought from coming true and for my intrusive thought to stop for just one second. My ocd would not leave me alone until I repeated the phrase. It kept telling me and telling me if I didn't say it to myself what would happen, and that all my intrusive thought would come true. I feel immensely immensely guilty about giving in and doing the compulsion. The guilt is absolutely consuming me. I feel like a horrible person. I also feel alone, I haven't seen many posts about this type of compulsion, and don't see a lot about this type of compulsion. Sorry to post about this topic on here again. Thankyou.
  3. Please keep going. I know ocd is horrible, but you can get through this, you will get through this.
  4. Hi, sorry to hear you are struggling. Perhaps you could write your parents a letter or sit down and talk to them about how you are feeling and how much your ocd is affecting you. Remember your ocd thoughts are not a reflection of you as a person. For the rituals, if you can, try to resit doing them for as long a possible and sit tight with the anxiety (I know it is hard to do so)- this is called exposure and response. Keep going, you can get through this!
  5. You can get through this, you will get through this- keep going!
  6. Its great that you tired to sit with the anxiety for that time. Don't be so hard on yourself- you're trying your best. Keep going, you can beat your ocd, you can do this!
  7. Perhaps you could write your friends and family a letter, to explain how you are feeling. Don't feel ashamed of your ocd.
  8. A while ago I had this really really intense intrusive thought, which was really distressing and scary. My ocd told me if I wanted the intrusive thought to stop for a couple of seconds and if i didn't want the intrusive thought to come true, I needed to do a compulsion of saying a rude thing about a loved one (which isn't true and I don't think)to myself in private. I gave into the compulsion because the intrusive thought was unbearable and said the thing, as my ocd wouldn't leave me alone until I did. I feel awful because of this compulsion as I would never want to say rude things and it makes me feel really really upset and guilty. Should I feel guilty from this compulsion? ,(I know reassurance seeking is bad).Thankyou for reading.
  9. Yes I have experienced exactly this, it was horrible and scary. The doubt made me believe I had done something awful, when I actually hadn't done anything. Try to keep reminding yourself it is your ocd trying to play tricks on you. You can get through this!
  10. Hello. I am sorry to hear you are suffering. Ocd is horrible, but you need to keep fighting against it. Try and keep yourself busy so your ocd thoughts will find it harder to bother you. Keep fighting, you can get through this!
  11. Hi cub. Sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Keep fighting and keep going! You can beat ocd, you've got this!
  12. I as well feel like I need to have a worry, but you don't. Remind yourself that you don't need a worry just for the sake of having a worry. Keep on trying to distract yourself, so you have less time to think and ruminate.
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