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  1. Hey Guys! Long time since I posted on here. I have been avoiding this forum as I feel I do not have the right to post here again as I sought advice a few years ago and have yet to return the favour. I am not particularly in the position to offer support to others as I am so caught up in my OCD spiral that any advice given would not be productive. I am reaching out as I don't know where else to turn. I understand I probably need CBT, but as I cannot afford private counselling and that offered through the NHS has been unsuccessful for me in the past, I am at a loss. Particularly with the virus at the moment I cannot overload my GP with my problems. I also struggle to put into words my OCD to someone else as it changes so frequently, when confronting these obsessions and compulsions, while I have managed to overcome particular ones in CBT, new ones appear and replace old ones, making it seem like CBT will be hopeless unless undertaken for the rest of my life (impossible I know). Recently I have developed a new and quite distressing obsession which I am not sure if it is OCD or what, but I don't know what to do. I cant tell anyone in my family right now as they are all stressed enough with the virus. I'm not sure if it is appropriate to put on this site.
  2. Hey, Thanks for posting this, I can totally relate. I have similar rituals around the toilette, to the point that I once slept on the landing for fear of having to complete my ritual and the stress that came with going to bed. I have additionally spent numerous nights up till all hours unable to get into bed. If someone talks to me, says good night, disrupts the routine, I have to start all over. I am sorry that I can't offer much advice as it is a battle I am continuously facing, but I am glad you posted this as it is nice knowing this problem must be an OCD manifestation and not simply myself being weird as someone else is experiencing the same. Stay safe and I wish you all the best!
  3. @lostinme Thank you for your advice! I've been trying to be more strict. However instead of allowing myself to get caught up in it being perfect i'm forcing myself to make mistakes on purpose so later on I can't worry about one mistake as there are too many. It is still taking a long time but today has been much more productive. @BelAnna Ah thanks for your response. However, time frames are never good for me. I'm always adding up how long I have studied for as it is, and getting caught up if I don't do enough hours, I add up how long my breaks are, how many hours to the minute I have studied each day and then worry and feel guilty if its not enough. If I time frames slots as well I would then get too caught up in sticking to them. Draft sheet is a good idea though!
  4. No thank you for your help! Like I said anything is better than nothing right now It won't cure it, and it won't help in the long run, I had CBT numerous times in the past, but when I get this tired and stressed confronting my OCD is not always easy! if it can help calm my nerves short term then im willing to give it ago and if it doesn't then I've not really lost anything!
  5. You had to know the method to some extent in order to apply it, so even if seeing her paper jogged your memory, it was still you who got that mark. Also you wouldn't have gotten your job now if you hadn't passed uni, which had nothing to do with your A-levels. even if you did copy, it would unlikely have made a significant difference overall, but in the worst cases scenario that it might have advanced your make, even if you hadn't copied and failed, you would likely have restit them and would still be where you are today. Everyone does this, so try not to worry.
  6. I understand where you're coming from, but it is worth trying anything right now. Just until I get through my exams.
  7. Hi, is there a particular herbal remedy you would recommend? Always thought of trying one, but I have never been sure.
  8. Thank you Lost! I will try to be more stern tomorrow and hopefully it will be more productive!
  9. Im in my final year of a law degree, but my OCD is seriously affecting my revision, my exams are 4 weeks away and im starting to freak out. This time we are able to take handwritten notes in to one of the exams, something we have never be able to do before however it it taking me over an hour to write half a page of notes. I keep having to re-write, perfect, continuously stress over if I have written the write thing, used the right colour for my notes, order the page correctly, made any mistakes. By the end of the day I am so stressed out and have accomplished very little. at this rate im not going to be prepared for the exam. Help!! What can I do for short term relief, to get past this feeling and anxiety when making the notes and to not obsess about each one??
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