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  1. With OCD the more you do something the more you will do it, however it also works the other way, the less you do the less you will do. Sounds a little strange that doesn't it? But it's the truth. You are the one who is causing yourself to ruminate, nobody else, therefore you are also the one who needs to stop yourself ruminating.... Why do we ruminate? We ruminate for reassurance and to reduce our anxiety. If we don't ruminate, and we don't reassure ourselves, and accept the anxiety, it will eventually fade away all on its own, and the more you practice this the easier and qu
  2. canigetawitness, Please understand that what i'm about to say is purely to illustrate how OCD operates, and its not to belittle you in any way, and hopefully you won't get any reassurance from it! However, I really do wish (as I'm sure a lot of others on this forum also wish) that I only had Obsessions like this to worry about..... You won't be able to see that this worry you have is really something so trivial, and that it's really not worth worrying about, as the OCD has attached itself to something you care about so much, and this is exactly what OCD does best! This is
  3. Yep, if you're anything like I was, then you will definitely feel sad without doing the Compulsions, at least initially, but it does get better eventually. The Compulsions I was doing were giving me such a huge hit of reassurance, it was giving me such a High each time I did a compulsion, it was like being hit in the Heart with the BEST 'love' feeling ever!! If your not doing Compulsions anymore, then you're not getting that High anymore either, which yes will leave you feeling somewhat low, but this is how people without OCD feel and is 'normal', we are just not used to feeling th
  4. OCD consists of Obsessions, Anxiety, and Compulsions. Whether the Compulsions are visible or not, they are there with OCD regardless in some form either physical or mental. From what I read into the above, i can see the Obsessions are you replaying the past, the Anxiety is the 'shameful feelings' and your Compulsions (to try and make yourself feel better) are you trying to reassure yourself that you're now a better person, and also the avoidance of Social Media. Compulsions and reassurance will NEVER work, they Simply keep the OCD loop spinning and the memory/fear fresh on the surfac
  5. They say knowledge is power, however I 'personally' wouldn't bother doing what your planning to do, I wouldn't bother giving it the time. Instead I would concentrate more on learning how OCD works (knowledge is power). The main things you need to know (you probably know already) is. 1. An Obsession causes anxiety. 2. A Compulsion reduces anxiety (but only temporary and tolerance increases the more you do it). Therefore all you NEED to do is be alert and catch ANYTHING you do that is aimed at reducing anxiety, immediately stop it (the more time you give it the more it will
  6. Hi Laura, You don't need to analyse it to see whether you would be able to accept it or not, as you're not saying you've done it, only that you don't know whether you have, or you haven't. Without thinking about it too deeply, and turning it into a compulsion, just think of all the things you 'may' have done, on nights out, whilst under the influence of alcohol, that you may have forgotten about...... You don't worry about those I bet do you? Nope, because you're not focused on it, but if you did focus on it, just for just a short amount of time, then it would become a big de
  7. I haven't read anything about him, however you need to give up on the mandate of needing to establish one way or another, i.e you mind will try and make you believe that you cant move on in life and be happy until you know for sure whether you are or whether you aren't. Maybe you are, but equally maybe you aren't. By adopting this attitude you aren't accepting that you are, your just not bothering to establish one way or another....
  8. OK, I agree, the title is a bit stupid, however a genuine question. You would eat the food and throw away the wrapper right? Why? Because the food tastes better right? BUT How do you know the food tastes better than the wrapper? By eating the food, and also im sure some of you, like me, have managed to get some paper from fish and chips in your mouth whilst eating and it doesn't taste nice does it? The reason for this post is this: I've managed to get to a really good stage in my life 'at the moment', after battling for many many years. Im now able 'at the moment at
  9. They are ALL the MOST scary things at the time when they are bothering you. I got caught out by one yesterday afternoon, and I inadvertently thought about it for a few minutes and got reassurance, ever since then it's been bothering me and i feel like I need to check it again in case I didn't check it correctly, or I didn't really feel reassured (meaning that there could be something wrong with it) , otherwise its going to bother me forever.... But.....I haven't checked it since yesterday afternoon, and although its still there in the background of my mind, asking me to check it again ju
  10. Yes I now what you mean, I had all of that as well, and still do. But you don't need to 'shoot them off one by one', you don't need to even acknowledge them, as they come into your mind, just continue doing whatever you were doing beforehand and completely ignore them. The more you can do the above, the less you will get, and the less anxiety you will feel. Also, as a side note, please do not take this the wrong way what I'm about to say. However as great as your dads intentions are, by the sounds of things you've written above, you are getting some type of reassurance from him
  11. It will get easier and better providing you DONT do any compulsions ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Hi there, dont worry about what you need to say, they will extract it from you, by asking you various different questions, for example what seems to bother/worry you, and what you do when you get worries. Best advise i can give you is to be honest with the therapist, and don't be afraid of telling them anything, they've heard it all before trust me!! The above will ensure you get the best possible benefit from your sessions ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Absolutely and that's why you shouldn't do it ๐Ÿ‘
  14. Hi Nicky, I know exactly what you are referring to. When i was doing compulsions, I was getting the most uplifting of feelings right inside my heart? The only way i can try and explain it is, like when you haven't had a drink all day, and when you eventually have that drink, you feel completely refreshed with all your senses open and aware again? Its because you have had that huge weight lifted off your shoulder, the weight that has been closing all of your senses off, to enable you to closely analyse and obsess with 100% concentration on the worry. Once you get the relea
  15. Yep because what you've just said in your last paragraph is reassurance! Also by you 'trying to give more belief to the idea that the content of the obsessions cos letโ€™s face it thatโ€™s what they are, are irrelevant', is also reassurance, and by doing both of those things, is why you can't move on, because by doing those things you are keeping the OCD loop going. Imagine it like an electrical circuit? If you make ANY break in the electrical circuit, the electricity (OCD in this case) it cant flow/work. Or imagine the M25 (circular motorway in the South) (sorry not being patroni
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