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  1. Hi Cora, Deep down I think you know the answer to these questions. you had a sexual urge and kissing your brother are two unrelated things. They don’t have to have a joint meaning or that one caused the other. You do not need to find answers to all these questions.
  2. Hi TJ, Well done for reaching out and sharing this with other people. I know how hard that must have been for you. It’s so good you have a good life aside from these issues and are completing a masters! You are not alone, the support here is amazing and people will be able to offer your help and guidance.
  3. It really is tough but knowing that it will work will help get you through it. The rewards will be there
  4. Just keep doing what you are doing
  5. Where there is a will there is a way (or hope)!!
  6. sleep is massively important. If you are up together with your uni work and don’t have to be in work today then allow yourself some time to relax. Read a nice book or listen to a podcast. I know that’s what I like doing when it’s all getting a bit much.
  7. You do know what to do though Cora. You are the one who has the power.
  8. I am jealous about the rhubarb! Absolutely love the stuff, especially in a crumble!
  9. Only a week to go till your appointment which is good though. What are your plans to get you through to it?
  10. That’s pretty good English! I really understand what you mean and in many ways mine is similar to this. Sounds like you have a good idea on what you need to do
  11. I think... that it means - the actions you took or take do not mean what you think they mean. It is only you that is applying the negative thought or emotion to the action.
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