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  1. It’s great that you have spoken to your boyfriend about it. Although I’m not sure you should be trying to figure it all out.
  2. Hi @Cora you do deserve it, you are just going through a bad patch atm. On your recent post. The urge to kiss your brother is just one of love. I think you are just mixing that love with the sexual urges. Believe me, many people have had the same issues. It doesn’t make you a danger to him.
  3. You just need to try and get through small chunks of time at a time. You know this is OCD and you know you can get through it! Keep going
  4. Hi Cora, It is important to keep going about your day to day routine as much as is possible. I hope work was ok and you are feeling a bit calmer now. you have got this!!
  5. Your reaction shows how you feel about this. You are placing a lot of importance on your reaction to you looking. You would have just glanced across and then told yourself how wrong it is and then you feel the dread you feel. It does not make you a bad person at all.
  6. That’s all it is, just a set back. I’ve certainly had these thoughts before too. You will get past it
  7. Yeah I have experienced this. How are you with it?
  8. This is very similar to what I have been/occasionally still go through. It’s so hard not to confess but it is the only way.
  9. Hey, I have been on this one for around 5 months now. Can’t say I have had any side effects either.
  10. I can really relate to this, the need to say it rather than try and forget it. It’s so difficult to suppress it but I feel it’s important otherwise we will keep confessing stuff. I confess like you to my wife a lot!!
  11. Hello everyone 👋 Nothing of any importance to add but I just wanted to say hi to everyone from the group. Looking forward to seeing you all when it can start again
  12. ThIs does all sound very OCD to me.
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