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  1. Thanks Catherine Yeah im trying my best to keep calm at the end of the day it is just a job and ive got to try and get things in perspective. I defenitley don't want to make myself and my OCD worse because of work. I was just hoping that things would have changed a bit when i went back, i suppose i was expecting to much. Anyway ill just grin and bear it till i get something else carn't afford to go off sick again NGU
  2. I went back to work today after having a month off sick with stress. I thought things might have improved with the job but things were still as bad I managed to see it through today but im not going to last much longer. Over the past few months we have had a lot of changes, we’ve gone in with another department staff cuts by half of what we used to have. You’re in limbo most of the time not knowing exactly what or how were supposed to do something. I know a lot of people are looking for other jobs there. Anyway the last week or so I have been applying for jobs and on Friday I went for an interview but it turned out to be an agency and the position would have been temporary for 13 weeks and maybe gone permanent eventually. But I didn't think it would be secure enough. The bloke I had the interview with said he would look out for permanent positions. Now I have been to work I wish I had took the job and if I didn't think I would get a permanent position I could look for something else in that time. I have now emailed the bloke at the agency and am hoping some positions are left in the job I was going for. My other problem is I have to give a months notice, but im hoping if I can still have a temporary position the company im with now will let me go sooner rather than later. I don't want to affect the refererence they give me by demanding to go but I haven't been happy for a while now and im hoping they will understand this. Anyway I know ive got to get out of there I thought going back after a month things might be at least a bit better, but I had to give it my all to stay put today. Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest, I had calmed down a lot while I was off but after one day there it has got me all stressed out again Role on the weekend Thanks for listening NGU
  3. Im very guilty of text talk and im 29. I mainly use it on my phone because ive always hated predictive text, but think i am a guilty of using it if i use a chat room. I don't think i do it on hear to much but i will be more aware of it now. I must admit you do get lazy and start to use b4 (before) and CU (see you) and things like that in texts. I think im going to make an extra effort to write things properley in my texts a bit more. Probably not always as if i need to text something quick it makes it easier.
  4. Hi Nil I have pure O as well as other OCD symptoms. Have you heard of the four steps (http://www.ocduk.org/2/foursteps.htm) They are from the book Brain lock i am reading it at the moment. These are four steps Relabel Re attribute Refocus and revalue Basically through these steps you are telling your Brain something like it's not me it's OCD, it is a chemical imbalance in my brain. I need to focus on another activity for a least 15 minutes. Revalue saying something like that's just my stupid obssession or thought. This is only a brief description of the four steps, but i have found them really help full Hope this is of some help to you All the best NGU
  5. Happy New Year to all on here (sos i know im a bit late)
  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND A HAPPY NEW. Thanks to everyone who volunteers for OCD UK for making this forum possible. It has been a great help and i have got to go along to a few meets which has been really good. Best wishes to all NGU
  7. MERRY CRISTMAS TO ALL In the Christmas spirit going out in a bit but will be on here for another half hour or so.
  8. Hi Sarah Just wanted to say that im glad your doing better, hope you manage to enjoy christmas. Happy Christmas and a happy new year All the best NGU
  9. I have recieved a reply from my MP David Kidney and enclosed is the ministers letter, i will try and get a copy to you but i haven't a scanner at the moment
  10. Im out friday night a xmas gathering down the local, but hopefully beable to come on here for an hour or so before hand. Hopefully i can because sounds as if it will be a good laugh
  11. Ive started doing the four steps im reading the book at the moment and hope the more i go through it the more i will understand how to put them in practice. I would have thought doing the exposure technique is ok as well long as you don't take to much on. I know if i try and battle everything at once it's just to overwhelming and i end up avoiding doing it. You sound as if you have done really well with the four steps Good luck with the exposure therapy aswell NGU
  12. Hi Sara Welcome to the boards I hope you find them usefull, i have found the forums a great help. NGU
  13. Thank you so much Newman, spider and FF for your kind words. You are all right FF that is so true that's what the counceller said to me that OCD is like a piece of pie and it is only a small part i have my Husband, family and friends and hopefully still have a job. They are all the important things in my life OCD is what i let it be i don't want it to be more than a small piece of the pie. Easier said than done aye but i am trying to just focus on the hear and now what will be will be and im going to go back work fighting. Im not going to givin that easy else He the OCD has won. I am going to enjoy christmas and worry as little as i can, ive always loved Xmas im a big Kid at heart and i am now determined to enjoy it as much as ever. Thankyou again you have all made me feel much better HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL I don't know what i would do with out OCD UK NGU
  14. Hi I am off work with stress at the moment, been doing this job for over 3 years. This past year ive had days off sick when i just couldn't face going in. Inventually i went over my sick leave entitlement which is two weeks so i got pulled up about it. I sorted that out but i really haven't been coping the last few weeks at work i feel really low all the time and last week i was feeling trapped and didn't see anyway out of this. I went into work on Monday but ending up coming home. At one time i wouldn't have had courage to go to the line manager and id handle things the wrong way (in the past things have got to much in situtions and i have walked out). I went and saw my line manager and talked things threw i went the doctors and have been signed off till the New year. I am now really worried because i really don't want to have to go back but need to for the money we carn't live on just my husbands wages. I had a letter from work re-my abbences and they want to write to my doctor which i have sent a consent off for, they want to review whats best for me and the job. Im worried that when i go back ill loose my job and they won't think i can cope. My husband has said about looking for something else because i haven't been happy there for ages ( we have moved in with another department and work load is increasing and we have less staff than this time last year) i look at jobs and just don't know what i can go for i worry about coping i feel trapped at the moment. Im struggling at home aswell because i carn't switch off, think ive got to being doing something all the time like things that need to be done in the home. I have been to see a counceller again and i felt better after i came out of there, but things seem hopeless at the moment i normally really look forward to Christmas but i just think it will soon be over and then it's back to normal i just carn't enjoy the here and now :wallbash: . Thanks for listening just need to get it off my chest Thanks NGU
  15. Think this sounds a very good idea ill defenetly try and make it to the chat room party
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