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NHS.... at least we can access therapy

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I know we all get frustrated at our NHS at times, myself included, at the red-tape, the bureaucracy and incompetence of some employees of the NHS, but today I have been reminded that we are so very lucky.

We complain at **** therapy, but I have spent the entire day replying to emails from non-UK residents to the charity's support inbox, they are emailing us asking and begging for help because they can not afford therapy in their own country.  These are not just emails from developing nations, these include nations in North America.

So yes we have problems within our NHS for the lack of quality therapy,  but at least we can access therapy and it is not just available to those who can afford it.

The job of OCD-UK (and other organisations that care about making a difference) is to try and improve the quality of that therapy.

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There are many people abroad, and a number of foreign members of the forum no doubt, who would like a system such as our NHS.

It's ideologically wonderful but in practice not in a great shape - but I would rather have it than not - and as Ashley says, the charity is influential in pressing for better treatment for us all from the NHS, and providing help in the understanding of OCD.


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