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My son is still in a bad place. We have been passed from pillar to post to get help for him. I decided I had no choice than to find a  private counseller. I have found a lady that has a space for him. However when I told him he got really distressed and a bit angry. He has been sleeping on the sofa as he can't face his bedroom. But he has decided that he is going to attempt to go in his room Thursday of next week. He said if he had to go to the apt he would associate that with going into his room and he can't do it. I don't want to think it but I do worry that he may be manipulative as he is scared to face help as he will have to push himself. Everything he does has a feeling associated to it. Any advice. Should I put off the apt and see if he can get back in his room or risk the apt and have him not able to try.

Many thanks



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Hi Kaz,

At this stage I'd personally prioritise keeping the appointment I think.

Knowing OCD it's more than likely if you were to cancel, your son would kick the can down the street so to speak anyway and still postpone getting back into his room.

By keeping it, you're also sending a strong message to him that he needs the therapist's support now. However scared he might be taking this step, all you can really do is reassure him you'll continue to do what you have been doing and support him during the therapy, but no more prevaricating.

All being well, if he is able to keep the appointment, and I really hope he can....they'll be able to help him break these faulty associations and he'll be able to use his bedroom normally again and much more.

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