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  1. I do the worksheets--I was told it's good to write them out instead of just doing them mentally. I think it helps solidify the information.
  2. Hi highlight, Yes I think that is very common...that's the whole problem of compulsions. They get longer, and more complicated to carry out to achieve that sense of "ok-ness" That is why we need to start working on cutting the rituals out. Have you been doing any CBT work (either with a therapist or a self-help book for ocd?) to help you to start facing the anxiety in order to stop the rituals and facing the things you are presently avoiding?
  3. Hi Malina I'm not sure if this is the same thing but I think I look for where intrusive thoughts might arise, and maybe in so doing create them where there might have been none. I noticed this the other day. I was tired and I was doing some cleaning which can often trigger contamination thoughts. But I noticed myself watching for where they might arise instead of just getting on with things. I think once I've identified something I can worry about I feel right. I can then do compulsions or choose to do erp around it, but I almost need to find something that will worry me. I think it makes me feel safe, like I've identified a potential danger that I can do something about. This is probably an area I really need to work on with the cognitive side of things! Hopefully we will slowly get used to not having/paying attention to intrusive thoughts!! Glad you are continuing to feel better!
  4. HI Headwreck, I also have checking compulsions. I find the best way to tackle all my compulsions when there is a whole routine like that is to write it all out and then start cutting them out one at a time, from easiest to hardest. Its really just a normal exposure hierarchy procedure I guess but instead of a list of triggers, it's a list of compulsions...I'll be interested to hear how others tackle it. I really can't imagine cutting out all compulsions at once! But definitely start cutting them out in a gradual way otherwise, yes, you'll find it takes you forever and you won't ever feel right about it! I used to take about an hour leaving my very small place. now takes me about 5-10 minutes depending on stress levels. That is really great that you are facing so many new challenges and finding yourself adjusting to them!
  5. yes i can sure relate to that! I think it's a huge part of OCD. When we resort to compulsions or avoidance, we give the ocd power and if we see that we become trapped in compulsions, or sink into a state of depression or fear after facing a trigger, we come to fear that reaction as much or more than the feared outcome! that's the beauty of the hierarchy of exposures I guess--we see little by little that we can face triggers, experience anxiety, and come out of it. but that's why we need to do it a little at a time--otherwise we might get too overwhelmed. It's nice to hear that you are doing so well with your therapy. Great that you found a therapist you like! Wishing you continued recovery.
  6. That's huge malina! Yes once we are able to accept the anxiety, and know we don't need for it to go away, and that it doesn't mean that there is necessarily anything wrong, we can really get ahead of the disorder. I'm really trying to work on that--especially the surprise anxiety moments when I'm not doing a planned exposure...it's a tough one! I appreciate you writing about the bumpy ride as it makes me feel like I'm not alone! I can see you are well on the road to recovery so it gives me hope when I'm also having hard days to see that yes it is indeed part of all our journeys to have the ups and downs.
  7. Hi Rachel, Yes relapses are so hard. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time I know I've had relapses in the past and currently I'm finding I'm slipping and I can easily get worried that it might get worse but really we just need to do our best to do the CBT work, and trust in the process and our therapists. You say you've done CBT in the past--are you currently working with a therapist now, or do you have a cbt self help guide that can remind you of the work you need to do? I hope you find some good support and connection on the forum and find others that can help make your journey to recovery an easier one. Wishing you well.
  8. Yes i know that feeling of getting worried when we have a bad day. my day yesterday was terrible and it can get pretty discouraging! I try to write out my successes so I don't get too focussed on my slips as I can get really focussed in where I've failed and that just makes me feel worse. I know you've had a tonne of success lately so maybe write it out and review it to remind yourself in the harder times. thanks yes! let's keep at it and we'll get through it!
  9. Hi Malina, Thanks for posting this. I'm going through a lot of ups and downs with this latest setback and can relate well to this! I feel good for a while and seem to be dealing well with the intrusive thoughts and then something comes along to challenge me more fully. My body feels tense with the anxiety. I keep debating about increasing meds...or just stay with what I'm at. That is great that you are generally feeling less anxious and are able to get on more with things. Stay on track and keep up the good fight wishing you continued wellness and full recovery!
  10. Good post Taurean-- yes good to address things on many levels I think! For myself I've also found it important to treat the body well during the journey. Long walks, contact with nature, good diet...all helps with the stress levels! And also finding purpose through connection with community. Thank you for continuing to support people on this forum
  11. That's great Lisa! Always good to hear a success story Yes keep this success in mind if a future one crops up--keeping our successes in mind really gives us confidence in future battles!
  12. Hi Madchoc, Hope all goes well with the Wetroom... Yes use this as a good chance to see how well you can do and don't let it stop there--keep tackling the ocd and let your family see that you are willing to deal with it and hopefully then you can connect with the grandkids as you'd like to. One of the exercises I like to do when I'm feeling hesitant about dealing with the ocd issues is:' reasons to work on ocd' I write out as a reminder all the reasons why it is worth putting up with the difficulty of exposures. When I was at my worst I became very isolated and cut off from my family, friends and community--that was a huge motivator to get onto meds and to do the cbt work!
  13. hi raven, well you're definitely not alone! I sure can relate to your desire to get rid of that anxiety through doing compulsions. I really hate those floods of anxiety as well--horrible feeling! good for you for not giving in! stick with it and remember that it will get better and that your only way out of this disorder for the long term is to sit through the anxiety as tough as that is. wishing you well!
  14. Thanks so much for sharing that Ollie. Very encouraging and helpful! I haven't been having a full on relapse, but have been having some setbacks recently and am doing what I can to try and apply what I can to not slip too far as I have gone that path into full on relapse before! So glad for you that you are doing so much better!
  15. Thanks for that explanation Gemma. That makes sense. I have been finding that since doing more formal cbt during this latest setback, it is definitely helping when I am getting surprise intrusive thoughts throughout the day and am more able to move along more easily without doing compulsions (and without having to think through it as much)....so hopefully it's doing what it's supposed to do! Thanks as well Angst for that further clarification. Yes that leap of faith moment is the true learning time!
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