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Intrusive thoughts about sleepwalking

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I have experienced OCD from when I was very little and my main intrusive thought centres around me hurting people I love when I'm in an unconscious state, sleepwalking really. 

I've never been able to shake this one. I'm looking into using medication whilst I'm on the waiting list for therapy. What I want to know is if anyone else has had these thoughts and has used medication to help. I just worry that certain medications and their side-effects might make me more likely to sleepwalk? I'm not sure. If anyone has had any experience with these kind of thoughts and has any tips I'd love to hear them. 

Also any general tips on medication would be great. I know side-effects vary from person-to-person but I'm just worried that the medication wont let me feel anything anymore. 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi. You may not find another person here with the same obsession. That's okay. Everyone is unique.

We can't advise you on meds. What works for one person won't for another. Tupically, SSRI'S do not make you stop feeling, though they can take the edge off anxiety and depression.

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Hi Anxietea, 

Yes, I get worried that I will sleep walk and act on my intrusive thoughts. 

I think it's just another worry about not being in 100% control. 

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