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Let yourself be imperfect

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Hi y'all

I know these are hard times for all of us and we're struggling with being stuck at home. I don't know about anyone else but I'm waking up every day anxious as to what my thoughts will bring and unable to escape to the things that bring me solace - meeting my best friend, going to the bookshop or the cinema, etc. It's difficult and I often feel bad if I haven't got anything done.

In this time of uncertainty, let yourself be imperfect. The search for certainty is what knocks all of us down. We all have different things to worry about; give yourself permission to be uncertain and if you have a bad day, try again the next. Every day is a step further in the right direction.

It freed me from my burdens a long time ago to realise none of us were perfect and we all make mistakes. I've been putting pressure on myself to be good again and have fallen back into old habits. You don't have to be good - you just have to survive. 

I know a lot of this hurts right now, but we will endure. Lots of love to you all. :hug:

C x

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12 hours ago, Cub said:

In this time of uncertainty, let yourself be imperfect.

Really helpful point to make Cub, thank you :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

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Hope it helps, Ashley! 😊 I remember my psychologist telling me years ago in a slightly disbelieving tone that all of us are imperfect; I think he was quite moved when I told him how bad I felt! 😂 I've struggled this last week - I came in touch with some stuff that got under my skin and recognised the obsessive compulsive need to be perfect; to be 'clean' spiritually and make sure I was doing good. But whatever we're going through, we must be patient with ourselves, the same way our loved ones do their best to be patient with us. We must be gloriously imperfect, in whatever strain of OCD we suffer! :D

C x :hug:

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