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OCD on a drama series coming up

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We had our third meeting with a drama series today. They are planning on running a storyline with an established character developing OCD.   I won't got into more details for now without giving anything away.  Once they publish the story we can talk about it. 

They were keen to ask us what we wanted and didn't want, and we had asked them to make sure they cover the intrusions/obsessions as part of that storyline. I don't mean Pure O, I mean the actual fears and worries behind the compulsions. I have to say we are really impressed with how they plan to do that.  They have also promised not to make this a quick fix, that the realism of struggling to accept OCD, seek help and accessing help will be covered.  Ultimately, I think the storyline will show the devastation of OCD beyond the rituals with a twist as the story develops. 

I don't know how it will eventually pan out beyond the next few months, but they are going to great lengths to get it right, to the point of filming two scenes early in the story arc to send to us to tell them which was the right way to go with it.

So keep those eyes peeled. 

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