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Has anyone come off medication?

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Hi! After 2 years, I was advised by my psychiatrist to come off my medication (lyrica and paroxetine). I took 2 pills a day of both, but after reducing to 1 pill a day of paroxetine, I felt that reducing even more would trigger my ocd again. 

Has anyone been ok with reducing their meds or have you relapsed?

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👋...I hope others with firsthand experience reply, but bear in mind where meds are concerned it seems to be a very individual experience. Some breeze through both taking and coming off them whereas others like me hit quite severe issues even on a low dose SSRI. The key I think has to be the talking therapy you've hopefully received and how well you've been able to resist the compulsions while still on the medication. If you've been doing okay and have your psychiatrists full support while coming off them I'd be tempted to take it a day at a time  hoping for the best but mindful of the worst. If you do feel things are unravelling I wouldn't hesitate to reach out for more support from your psychiatrist, and we're all here too to help at anytime. I'm not sure if that's much help, but I think this is one of those things you'll only know once you try. Just out of interest have they given a reason why they'd like you to come off them?

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I've had spells where I've been fine off medication, and not gone back to an old phobia, although I tend to find I gradually become more susceptible to new phobias and don't think as clearly as I do on medication. I might be very unusual, though, in that my SSRI of choice (fluoxetine) works after only about a week, not the three to four weeks expected, and I only need a very low dose to almost entirely alleviate all symptoms of OCD.

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As Hal says different people have different responses. It is the same with all medicines though there may be more variation in the case of psychiatric medication.

Also agree with Hal about seeking professional help if you have any problems.

For me, stressors in the environment increase my need for medication but personally I have no problem coming off and going on psychiatric medication. Having said that, the medical professionals are keen to prescribe for me medications that I have successfully taken and come off before.

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