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Ocd latches onto everything do we ever catch a break.

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Ocd is a pain in the ass I eitheir have a full blow obsession eitheir analysis my personality, what type of person I am etc. Or analysing conversations did I say the right or wrong thing ,it never really stops like a running commentary in my head.. to analysing my drunk behaviour and always finding something to obsess and worry about. Somethings I can go this is ocd and nip it in the bud and the other stuff like obsessing over drunk behaviour I know is also ocd but doubt it. Then my wee son who has had a secure upbringing also shows signs of ocd breaks my heart. How do I treat it all as ocd and not take serious I really deteste this disease at times as smart as I am it still out smarts me. My therapist used to say after drink no pint mortems it's hard what's your thoughts treat it all the same no leeway xx

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Thanks Handy for your reply I just need to try and nip these obsessions and redirect my mind. It's just latched on to this past few weeks and I had been doing well the past 8 weeks just ignoring it then I let it in.

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