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  1. I recently read a description of obsessive compulsive personality disorder. I hadn’t heard this phrase before and it described it as being different from OCD although with overlapping themes such as intrusive thoughts. Apparently this relates to people who tend to suffer perfectionism and harshly judge themselves. has anyone else heard about this as being a separate condition
  2. Yes. My brain was is very good at telling me what a terrible person I am
  3. I know what you mean, and have had the same. Did I chat to someone too much, did I deliberately stand close so they might brush against me. sometimes one of the things that helps is to remember that 99% of the population wouldn’t worry like I do
  4. From what I understand they’re at opposite ends of the mental health spectrum, OCD is excessive rigidity in the brain and thought patterns, schizophrenia and psychosis are extreme chaos. It’s unlikely you’d have both and if you had schizophrenia, you wouldn’t be obsessing about it. I think they’re sort of mutually exclusive in that sense
  5. What is really interesting about the descriptions of people who have undergone psychedelic treatment with psilocybin is that rather than running from their fears they confront them during the process and the fears lose the power. So this sounds like an extreme version of ERP.
  6. @NotRock I recently read about it in Michael Pollan’s excellent book How To Change Your Mind. i also recently attended a lecture by Dr Chris Timmerman from Imperial College London who also talk about this phenomenon.
  7. Thanks for the reply @snowbear. how did you go about learning mindful meditation? Any tips or advice?
  8. Hi All I’ve been reading about the brain’s default mode network. Apparently it’s something we develop into adulthood and is absent in young children. it is essentially a filter for our brain that limits over stimulation and creates a sense of reality . It is responsible for reflection and contemplation. Children have what’s called lamp focus so everything is lit up which means they’re easily distracted. They also don’t tend to reflect on the past. Adults have what’s called spotlight focus so they light only focus on one thing at a time and use reflection and contemplation to learn. people with under active default mode network tend to be very creative magical thinkers, but an increased susceptibility to psychosis at the extreme end. At the other end, people with over active default mode network, tend to get locked in patterns of over reflection and cycles of rumination and is common in people with depression and ocd. apparently experienced meditators are able to calm the default mode network which is one of the reasons meditation is often recommended for people with mental health issues. it’s interesting stuff and definitely helps explain a lot about where ocd comes from
  9. I think the end of the summer is having this effective. I’ve felt it myself and I’ve seen it with other people (even those who don’t normally struggle). I expect you find things settle in 1-2 weeks
  10. Hi James, if it helps I can relate to everything you just said.
  11. When I first started getting triggered I used to watch endless episodes of pointless as it was always “safe”, but the reality is that @DRS1is right, if I wasn’t triggered by tv the it would be something else, and trying to avoid things doesn’t work
  12. I used to have a job where I could cycle to work. I was always anxious before getting on the bike, but by the time I got there I would feel much better. Overall I felt much calmer during the day
  13. @Gingham how are you getting on now?
  14. Thanks, it’s certainly a nice sentiment
  15. @DRS1 thanks for taking the time to reply. I agree I probably need help and some structure to the ERP. I’m trying to find someone who has experience in this field. I’ve felt a bit better the last few days. Despite the negative thoughts, I’ve tried to tell myself it’s not worth losing everything over.
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