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Recycling Rubbish

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First of all for a non OCD reason I really hate the fact my local council of gone from weekly rubbish collections to bi-weekly, and not only that they expect you to put a huge caddy inside the bin so not only does your rubbish bin have to have 2 weeks of rubbish, they expect you to use half the room for it with the caddy in. On my next council tax bill I will be asking them if they only want half the money as they are only doing half the collections!!!

Then, they give you another huge rubbish bin for lots of other rubbish like card and garden waste. In fairness I will use that because of the charity I get lots of boxes. But the problem is I have a lovely little cottage and a narrow side, so I can only just get one bin in, now I have two unsightly bins and no way to get one past the other without wheeling both out the narrow alley.

But the main point of the blog is not to moan... although I do feel better for getting that off my chest :lol: but is of an OCD nature and the reason I am posting here is because I know the answer so I don't need to post in the forums. The caddy that goes in with the rubbish is for can tins etc, and as we all know I drink a lot of coke!!!! So I fill the caddy, but between rubbish collections are you supposed to leave it on your house, but then if I did that I would be bringing in something thats been in with all sorts of yucky rubbish. I know this is an OCD driven issue, and even some non OCD people may not bring it into the house, I know for me it's an OCD reason.

If the intent is to leave the caddy in the bin all the time, then I am back to moaning at the local council for being so pig thick stupid because if that is the intent, you have to take the bloody caddy out each time you want to drop anything in the bin.

I don't mind recycling, but they have really come up with a stupid system.

They sent a leaflet to everyone, the thing that really made me laugh is they expect you to wash out bottles and cans first!!!! Not a bloody chance!

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OOh I hate recycling rubbish, us germans are really big on it! We have a paper bin, fair enough, and one for every day rubbish. Then we have a so called green bin, where we are supposed to put in grass etc but also leftover food -not a chance! Glass we have to take to bottle banks and then we have 'yellow bags' which are for all things plastic, those get picked up every 4 weeks so you have to wash everything out forst as the bags will be sitting around in your house somewhere. Luckily we have nice big cellars in our houses but its still a flippin pain!! Oh and we have other bottles that you need to take back to speacial shops as you get money back for them, some plastic, some glass..

If you dont recycle as told then you simply dont have enough space for all the rubbish as the wheelie bins are really small.

I think back fondly of the days in the UK when we used to have this skip like thing behind our flats and used to just chuck everything in there, bliss hehe

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