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  1. I think it’s more difficult to open an account without either a passport or a driving license but not impossible. I opened one, three or four years ago and didn’t have either - they accepted a letter from the tax office. Perhaps you could get in touch with one of the banks by phone and explain your circumstances and see what they recommend?
  2. As it stands you’re risking falling by not jumping. Please have that conversation with PolarBear. You have anonymity on the forum and your mum doesn’t use the internet.
  3. One of you has to take the initiative and it would be better for you both not just yourself.
  4. You have to start somewhere and now is as good a time as any. People can only help you if you’re prepared to help yourself. Talking about things openly is the first step. Don’t wait for something that may not happen.
  5. No problems last month, but this was an issue about a year ago iirc.
  6. Had a look too. Epilepsy, alcoholism, obesity and prevention of migraines is all I found. Maybe ask your doctor why you’ve been prescribed it?
  7. Other people’s experience of the same medication may not be the same as your own, especially as you also suffer from bipolar. There are too many variables between individuals.
  8. I don’t think everyone thinks that. It makes it sound as though your symptoms are a specific type of OCD. OCD is OCD regardless of how it affects you and should be treated as such. From fear of germs to magical thinking and any other way in which OCD raises its ugly head. Use of acronyms such as HOCD was discouraged here and probably still is. There is no HOCD, it’s all just OCD.
  9. I suffer from OCD too and understand how difficult it is but after a combination of the right meds, CBT and sheer determination mine is managed by me instead of controlling me. I still have to cope with a lot of anxiety and fear though. I’ve tried telling my friend what you’ve suggested but there are always ‘reasons’ why those fears can’t be faced and help can’t be sought. Her OCD is beyond severe and I’m very worried about her. Unfortunately I can’t be too specific as that would mean betraying her trust in me.
  10. How do you help the person who wants change but is too frightened to want to change? (The person referred to isn’t me - it took me every scrap of courage I could muster but change I did.)
  11. Despite my reluctance to go for CBT I eventually did and found it helpful. I'm now reducing my medication in the hope that I've learned enough to manage my OCD without it.
  12. Something it took me ages to learn but this forum really helped with that (the message slowly filtered through) and it's really thanks to OCD-UK that I'm now in therapy and prepared to do the work.
  13. I get this too and it's known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and it's extremely irritating - it isn't unknown for it to affect the arms too, despite its name. It's annoying, very annoying, but as far as I'm aware that's all it is.
  14. What do you call Rudolph with lots of snow in his ears? Anything you want he can't hear you!
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