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  1. CJay


    No problems last month, but this was an issue about a year ago iirc.
  2. Had a look too. Epilepsy, alcoholism, obesity and prevention of migraines is all I found. Maybe ask your doctor why you’ve been prescribed it?
  3. Other people’s experience of the same medication may not be the same as your own, especially as you also suffer from bipolar. There are too many variables between individuals.
  4. I don’t think everyone thinks that. It makes it sound as though your symptoms are a specific type of OCD. OCD is OCD regardless of how it affects you and should be treated as such. From fear of germs to magical thinking and any other way in which OCD raises its ugly head. Use of acronyms such as HOCD was discouraged here and probably still is. There is no HOCD, it’s all just OCD.
  5. Thanks, Caramoole, that helps.
  6. I suffer from OCD too and understand how difficult it is but after a combination of the right meds, CBT and sheer determination mine is managed by me instead of controlling me. I still have to cope with a lot of anxiety and fear though. I’ve tried telling my friend what you’ve suggested but there are always ‘reasons’ why those fears can’t be faced and help can’t be sought. Her OCD is beyond severe and I’m very worried about her. Unfortunately I can’t be too specific as that would mean betraying her trust in me.
  7. How do you help the person who wants change but is too frightened to want to change? (The person referred to isn’t me - it took me every scrap of courage I could muster but change I did.)
  8. Despite my reluctance to go for CBT I eventually did and found it helpful. I'm now reducing my medication in the hope that I've learned enough to manage my OCD without it.
  9. Something it took me ages to learn but this forum really helped with that (the message slowly filtered through) and it's really thanks to OCD-UK that I'm now in therapy and prepared to do the work.
  10. I get this too and it's known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and it's extremely irritating - it isn't unknown for it to affect the arms too, despite its name. It's annoying, very annoying, but as far as I'm aware that's all it is.
  11. CJay

    Christmas Crackers

    What do you call Rudolph with lots of snow in his ears? Anything you want he can't hear you!
  12. I think my comment about mood was made before then and I've already said myself, and within this thread, that diet and exercise are important. Of course they are, even for a perfectly healthy person - that should go without needing to be said it's just common sense. I was already aware of your circumstances and feel for you. I regret getting involved in this thread, I'm not really up to heated debates.
  13. I haven't made any assumptions about the level of depression suffered by yourself - I was merely expressing my opinion that, in general, diet is more likely to affect mood than severe depression to the extent that it no longer exists. My main diagnosis is severe OCD and I feel that if I didn't suffer from OCD I wouldn't suffer from depression either, but it seemed to me that depression was being belittled and in my opinion it's as devastating a disorder as OCD when it's severe. I'm glad to hear healthy eating helps your depression and don't doubt that there are many, many others who wish it was that simple for them too. But if somebody feels they might be suffering from depression than my view is that they should seek help from a health professional rather than relying on "alternatives".
  14. Chicken and egg. Did poor diet contribute to depression or did depression contribute to poor diet. Of course people are going to be advised to eat healthily and take exercise, I don't doubt that both can improve mood. When people are severely depressed often diet, exercise and looking after themselves in general goes out of the window. As I mentioned previously in this thread, it's one of the diagnostic criteria. When I was severely depressed, a few years ago, I wasn't looking after myself at all and that includes things like washing and bathing...... I didn't want to live.
  15. One of the first things I learned, when I went to university, was to be selective with regard to "studies". For every one saying one thing there will be another saying something else entirely. I don't think anybody is disagreeing with you that diet and exercise can help severe depression, but it most certainly isn't a cure all.