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  1. Handy, I agree with the 1st paragragh you wrote. The rest not so much... SSRIs take a long time to work. Coming to a conclusion before 3 months is premature. In my case, SSRI plus Buspirone has been miraculous. I really have almost zero anxiety/OCD. Without these drugs, I was, and still would be, a total basket case. Give the med time. You may need to increase dosage to respond. I require 30mg Escitalopram. In my case, the difference between 20mg and 30mg was huge. Best of luck, Jim :>}
  2. Hi Miranda, Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a relapse. I know this theme all too well. I think it will help you to consciously determine what your primary fear is, or if there is more than one main fear. It sounds like you fear that you're going to stop breathing if you stop focusing on it. This is totally different than fearing that you can't stop focusing on it. In my case, the theme is 100% the latter. Either way, the start to feeling better is working on accepting the thoughts. You know for a fact that you won't actually stop breathing when you stop focusing on it. For this one, try to accept that you have an irrational fear driven by OCD. For the fear of constant focus on breathing, start by allowing it to be there as much as possible. Hope you feel better soon. Jim
  3. Yes that's true. Just don't overdue it or you may have bad anxiety the next morning. Beer festival is a rough environment for light drinking.
  4. Please give it more time. SSRIs take a really long time to fully kick in. In my case, it was over 2 months but definitely worth it.
  5. I guess it depends on how much of your day is being occupied with the thoughts and reactions. If you're doing "bring it on" most of the day, OCD is front and center all the time. I'm just saying it can be helpful to try to live your life without purposely staying focused on the OCD.
  6. I'd reserve the "bring it on" approach for designated ERP sessions of 15-30 minutes/day. Outside this time just accept the thought's presence and gently try to refocus. Constant "bring it on" can be counterproductive in my experience.
  7. I take it as needed, like a benzo without the dependence issues. I take 25-50 mg. Reduces anxiety and knocks me out.
  8. Both very true. Thanks for the link you posted earlier. Very good stuff.
  9. Thank you so much for the great reply Cub. I'm feeling better from reading it, and from getting some sunlight. It also help me to talk about it with my wife. Something about not being all alone in this really helps. Thanks also for the canine compliment. We have two German Shorthair Pointers. I don't really get any self hate, self loathing, or guilt with my OCD. It's mainly pure fear which leads to horrid frustration and negativity during bad times. Even so, the OCD definitely feeds on negativity and unfortunately I'm not good at keeping it from spiraling out of control. In fact, that's one of my fears. The loneliness of night with the racing obsessive mind is really tough. Jim
  10. I woke up at about 3:30 this morning and felt fine initially. I've been doing pretty good with my OCD. I started thinking about a negative thing that happened yesterday. This shifted to my obsession abruptly and I was unable to sleep from then on. I got that sick feeling in my gut from the frustration and fear. I don't know if I'm getting sick but I got nauseous started dry heaving. Horrible negative feelings. Any others get this nasty negativity? If so, any recommendations on dealing with it?
  11. SSRIs often increase anxiety for the first few weeks before kicking in. They do for me bigtime, and they can also cause insomnia during this time. If you can hang in there, you'll likely benefit.
  12. Hope your therapy session goes well. I know that feeling of things falling out of control. Try to remember this is not a permanent thing. You will get back on track. It may seem impossible now, but it's definitely not!
  13. Are you seeing a GP or a Psy doc? I would definitely get to a Psy doc if possible. There's a lot of med options to help reduce your anxiety so you can get to a stable place. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. Yes it feels great when you get the upper hand!
  15. Great job! When you first start ignoring it, it's really tough because it definitely steps up its game. But it's all just YOU! It's really just your mind's insecurity about being able to stop the OCD bully at last. Stay strong. You CAN!
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