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  1. You really need to see a therapist,to talk things through.
  2. This is the question that goes through my mind everyday. I could never tell my wife my thoughts about my children she would never forgive me.
  3. This is excellent advice. I should take this on board too..
  4. Stop reading news? its like I'm looking for all the things in the news. read today about the shooting in the church that he got radicalized so I start thinking i radicalized it just never stops.. really think I'm very sick
  5. It's like my mind is drawn to all the horrible things in the news,and I start giving meaning to what's in the news.
  6. Am I right in thinking that if say someone without ocd read about the article in the news and his (the shooter)thoughts being controlled that he could think for a second that his thoughts were controlled but just shrug it off. But me reading it i think it and it sticks and I can't shift it. just wondering.
  7. I need a good therapist that listens to me i don't want to be like this anymore,the only peace I get is when I'm asleep. that is no life.
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