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  1. A thread for us to celebrate those things (however big or small) that we have done today to make us feel proud and combat this monster! Today, i went to the supermarket with my boyfriend. I faced some of my fears in that supermarket, but today i have felt the best i have in ages! We also have my 4 month old nephew staying over and he makes me super happy. I have completed university work and got myself back into listening to music and reading for pleasure (something which depression robbed from me for a few weeks)
  2. Hi Rebecca! I get you girl! I have this alongside my other OCD themes (they kind of work alongside each other) and it is very scary! Are you talking to someone about your OCD? I found it so much better when i did, even if it is just a family friend or charity. The way to deal with this kind of thought, is to have it then laugh it off and move on with your day. Each time it pops into your head, repeat the same action (laugh it off or ignore it and move on). It is easier said than done, but it totally can be done! You got this!!
  3. I'm scared of my own head. The thoughts seem to be getting more and more graphic and i cannot cope. My head is trying to convince me they are real, and im panicking. I've not slept properly for weeks due to being scared of the thoughts. I would rather die than commit to what is going on in my head. But i do not want to die, i just want them gone. I've had 2 wonderful years of being able to cope, why are they getting worse? why are the affecting me now? I just don't know what to do. The thoughts seem to flip between two different themes. Child abuse and killing my family. I keep telling myself,
  4. i hope i'm not making myself sound like a wrong'un i'm just scared and i dont know what to do.
  5. i guess so , and aside from OCD, i'd just like to ignore it all together.
  6. If i did look at it, it would be to check. And then i would feel like a bad person for looking/checking.
  7. i am not looking at it because of avoidance. I don't want a horrible thought to pop into my head.
  8. So on snapchat, I have a friend who has a baby girl. She posted a photo of her baby in the bath (everything was covered). I was just clicking through everyone's images, and then this one popped up as the next one to view. I didn't click as I panicked and put my phone down. My brain is telling me to look at it (or look at my friends Facebook page) which I do not want to do. Would looking at the pages be a compulsion? How do I tackle this? I know that I cannot avoid snapchat and Facebook all together. I hope this makes sense.
  9. I'm afraid every night to close my eyes and sleep because I'm scared of the thoughts- they're more vivid and worse at the night. I hate this so much. I wish I could get rid of them forever :(
  10. Y Yeah it is like i can deal with them for so long! but then there comes a time where i cannot. It all depends on what is going on around me and my current mental state as to how much the ocd affects me (i hope this makes sense). But they are thoughts i have been having on and off for the last 6 years and every so often they really get me down! Yes i get that too! I think for me it is getting to the point where distraction is almost a compulsion! aha. It's crazy how OCD works and how it creeps up on you!
  11. Hey! I have been fine for almost two years ! The thoughts i have had over the last two years i have been able to pass off and move on with life. but for some strange reason these last few weeks they have really affected me. its not abnormal for the same thoughts to come creeping back (ive had them almost 6 years now), just linking to what PolarBear said, it's about how you deal with them.
  12. But you didn't. And afterwards you are thinking about and questioning the thought. Stop giving it attention.
  13. i seen a post on facebook about sertraline and no longer getting intrusive thoughts. I still get them, and it had me worried and being like 'well if yours are still there then it must mean they're actually your thoughts' and i got worried. I was just wondering though, what has medication done for you guys? Has it helped with your anxiety? your intrusive thoughts?
  14. I have met: Mcfly Brad- The Vamps Charlie - Busted George Shelley I sat in front ofJames Arthur, Little Mix and The Wanted at a concert once and they were talking to us all.
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