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  1. Haayleey96

    Terrified that I'll crack.

    Hi InOverMyHead I'm not at the moment, I was But she wanted to end it. I don't think she realises that it calms and then comes back for me. I'm taking sertraline and diazepam for my ocd and anxiety at the moment. The sertraline has been upped. It just doesn't feel like I can but I know I can! We can!
  2. OCD has raised its ugly head again this weekend and it has me terrified ill go out and kill someone! It feels so real! First of was just friends and family, but now it' telling me to just do it! It feels so real and I'm completely confused and terrified. Please help me.
  3. Haayleey96

    Thoughts are really scaring me.

    Makes me feel so much better that I'm not alone. I'm so scared of it. I hate ocd xxx
  4. The sertraline and diazepam has helped in terms of anxiety and low mood. But recently, since my brother has started living with me I've had constant thoughts of killing him, even when he is at work. I hate it. They are awful. They feel so real and I feel like I'm on the brink. Does anyone get voices in their head saying they want to do it or go and do it? Almost as if you are planning it? I'm so scared and don't know what to do. I'm terrified I'm going to crack. The other morning i was terrified that I had done it in my sleep without knowing so I went in his room to check and text to see if he was okay. I'm terrified for him coming in at the night time. I'd much rather be on my own.
  5. Haayleey96


    Sorry, just got this now. I'm feeling a bit better than what I was. The sertraline and diazepam has certainly helped. I' trying my best to be strong and keep going but it's hard. My thoughts are frightening me. It' almost as if I'm agreeing eith them. I thought I was on the up and then I started having thoughts about killing my brother and it is so hard as he lives with me now. They feel so real and I'm terrified ill break. I even woke up one day and was worried I had done it in my sleep, hoping I hadn't I went in his room and checked. I can' cope with myself xx
  6. Haayleey96


    I've also been struggling very badly with it. I had a bad episode yesterday, I just don't want to be here any more at all. My diazepam has been upped from 2mg to 5mg x3 times a day. I don't want to be on my own but i dont want to be around people either. I just don't want to be here any more. But I'm on 24/7 watch by my family. X
  7. Haayleey96


    I'm finding it very hard. I'm also not sleeping very well at all because of it. It' horrible. My anxiety is constantly on a high.
  8. Haayleey96


    I'm on diazepam and sertraline for anxiety
  9. Haayleey96


    Yesterday I had an absolutely awful day. I really hit rock bottom. I Just wanted to die, I didn't want to live. I'm feeling a little better and more alive but still very very down. My anxiety has been absolutely crippling. OCD has totally taken over. I Got sick of all the harm thoughts, and would rather die. Would rather die than harm anyone. I was so close to overdosing on tablets my friend had to ring emergency and I was taken to hospital. They got members from the crisis team to come and talk to Me, I told them everything and they sent me home. I felt okay last night. Now I'm at my mum's house my nerves are sky high. I was crying and panicking in the car before I even walked in. My friends had drag me in to my mams house. My anxiety is sky high. My heart is burning, I'm tense and shaking. Can't help but fear something bad is going to happen.
  10. Haayleey96

    Would love to talk!

    I'm not sure whether they are or not yet. I've only been taking them for 3 days. I really do too!
  11. Haayleey96

    Would love to talk!

    Yes and no. It did help but ive definitely rang doctors to explain everything to them. Been started on diazepam and sertraline. I am but I'm only 2 weeks in due to the xmas period so have started actual therapy at the moment x
  12. Haayleey96

    It's non stop.

    Hi oceandweller I'm hoping it does work. I am, but I am only two weeks into it. So not got as far as actual therapy if that makes sense.
  13. Haayleey96

    It's non stop.

    I've spoke to my docs about it. They started me on sertraline and diazepam
  14. Haayleey96

    It's non stop.

    I've just hit rock bottom with it PB. I've no energy to deal with it anymore. I'e No energy for nothing. For reading books, watching TV, for seeing friends. I could quite happily stay in bed asleep all day is how i feel at the moment. I'm totally and utterly mentally drained.
  15. Haayleey96

    Would love to talk!

    My days have also been terrible ocd wise have had constant thoughts of harming myself and people and have even rang Samaritans it got that bad. I hope your dad does feel better soon! I know its easier said than done but try not to over think everything and make it all worse. Hayley x