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  1. Hi Ashley, Just a thought, is there anyway you could get this streamed live on Instagram or youtube? I know it may not be logistically posible, but if anyone attending would like to share (if it's allowed) I would love to watch, as I'm too far to attend. I would be happy to pay a fee to view, if it was organised by the charity. Cheers
  2. Done. Thanks for the opportunity to have a say.
  3. I would say make an appointment with your GP. You can buy olive oil drops (exactly what I used) without a prescription, at any pharmacy. Why not ask in the pharmacy tomorrow (as I'm no doctor), then you could at least try it. For me it took about 2 weeks using twice a day. Maybe I was lucky I don't know, only saying what worked for me. Fingers crossed.
  4. For me Bruces, right know, I agree life makes little sense, but maybe it will one day? I have learnt to live with that, not easy I know.
  5. Hi Paul, I went through what your going through with tinnitus. I went to see my gp, who knows all about my OCD. For me it was simply a large build up of wax, 2 weeks of olive oil and it went away. I know I was lucky. I found the same with the samaritans, just an ok know again. Didn't help me. The OCD UK phone line helps. I have spoken to Ashley when I have been in quite serious situation and he was good to chat to.
  6. Fantastic news. You did everything right even though doctors are a challenge. Well done. I bet the actual result never came up on the internet!! Learn from that.
  7. Could be a bad idea. I think you should maybe advise who should try this, I would say only people who are advanced in therapy. Otherwise the negative effects of failing could be detrimental to health. I am doing well, but could I do a week without any compulsions, nope. I would bet most people in here couldn't do it, except maybe the members who claim they are cured but then whats the point for them.
  8. You make changes in your life to become the person you want to be. I have not needed to see my therapist for a couple of years, however I still need to ask them questions every now and again by email or phone. Most of us if we are honest will always need to practise therapy, for me I am at the point I practise myself. Yes. You know my story Bruces. You got to let the past go. Yes so difficult. But it's down to us to take action. No one can do it for you. Why not? Unless you have done something really bad, which I doubt you have Bruces. Have you ever say down and reviewed all the positives in your life.
  9. Things move really quickly for anything that has even a remote risk. Try to make the most of appoints with consultants, write all your questions and take them with you. I was reassured by my GP it was likely to be nothing. I went for a scan the next day which was inconclusive, so I went to a hospital consultant the day after who also reassured me it was likely nothing but he arranged for one of his surgeons to scan it the next day. It was in this scan I was told there was a tumor but they could not say if it was cancerous but I would lose the testical. My operation was 2 weeks later on Christmas eve. 4 weeks later it was confirmed stage 1 seminoma but then in another scan they found a unrelated Tumor in my bowel. I had major surgery to remove it, it was benign. The other way to look at it, if it wasnt for OCD checking I wouldn't of found it at stage 1 and things could of had a very different outcome. I also had a weirdly lump in my throat and difficulty swallowing, it was perfectly normal and turned out to be caused understandable stress.
  10. I think he was being nice. Let it go as that. People are strange, don't let OCD get hold of it.
  11. Yes it's perfectly normal for OCD. I find the quicker i can distract from the things my scanner latches onto the better. I usually do an activity which makes me focus on what I'm doing.
  12. In my case Belanna the internet was All wrong!!! So why Get yourself in a mess reading.
  13. Well done for seeing a gp firstly. I have been in a similar position but with my testicle, which did turn out to be cancer. The 2 week referral is perfectly normal and is for anything which has even a remote chance of being cancer. I did not cope at the point your at (which I hope turns out to be just a scare for you). Phone McMillan cancer charity, they helped me understand what was going on as it is hard to take in info when the word cancer is used. If the worst happens, cancer is not the death sentence it used to be. Yes it was a very hard time, but I am currently 2 years into remission. I got support with my OCD throughout treatment from the cancer hospital, without this i would not of coped. Also please do not use the internet, everything it said turned out to be wrong for me. The consultants are the people to listen too. If you want to chat let me know, as I know what your feeling right now.
  14. Hi, Just found out the rules for disabled blue badges is changing to include people with hidden disabilities, such as mental health issues and autism. It gives the example of people who may struggle with the psychological effects of struggling to find somewhere to park, which would cause people to avoid going out. I think this would help me a lot as I do avoid going out for these reasons at times. What are fellow OCD sufferers thoughts on this? Would you apply?
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