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  1. Sorry lonelygirl91, I can't answer those questions - only you know the answer. Hope you manage to find some peace through the steps that some of the others have highlighted on your other thread.
  2. Ah sorry, I didn’t realise! I get really confused with all the acronyms, so I avoid using them on the forum and am not familiar with them all. I think again your OCD is looking for reassurance. On your other thread I think @cashewnutsandraisins has a great response to these ruminating questions.
  3. Hi there, Sorry to hear that you’re having a tough time, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve read your other thread and I think the other users are trying to avoid providing any reassurance, as is exactly what OCD feeds off and actively perpetuates the illness. As some of the others said, it might be a good idea to try to distance yourself from these thoughts instead of digging deeper into them. Removing the power from the obsession and saying “Ok, maybe I am a lesbian and maybe I’m not” may feel terrifying but it might be what you need to consider doing. Not engaging with the ruminat
  4. Hi Emily, Hope you’re doing ok and thank you for sharing your story. Just thought I’d jump in as I’ve recently moved to a new place and had to get into the local mental health system for my OCD via my GP. For me I just had a telephone appointment with my new GP and explained what had been going on for me. I have been quite unwell so I was referred straight to a secondary mental health team and I got assessed within a week via telephone. Like you, I have been on various meds for anxiety/depression and OCD and the secondary team were able to advise my GP on some more specialist medicat
  5. Hi @malina Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful reply, and for the encouragement. I think you are right, one of the worst things we can do is ruminate on the past because really what’s the point? It will just end up eating you up inside and as you say, it wastes our time in the present. It’s really interesting to hear about your work situation, I’m sorry to hear that it’s been stressful but it’s so great that you are able to see the positives. I think I am going to do that and make a list of all the positive things I’ve learnt from my current role. We are both lucky to ev
  6. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you MarieJo 💗 Taking this as my mantra: It's not that our moral code is faulty, it's that we have a condition which creates false doubts about it. Our moral code is ALWAYS stronger than OCD.
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing ok. I’m looking for a bit of support today. I was diagnosed with OCD last year, having suffered with it for most of my life, and I’m currently on medication and having therapy to help. My OCD usually comes out in the form of ruminating that I have done a crime I can’t remember and feeling as though at any moment the police are going to lock me up. I’m practising how to stop these thoughts by identifying them and recognising that they are OCD ruminations and telling myself that I do not engage with these thoughts and distracting myself. As I’m sure
  8. Hi NJ321, Something that helps me when I’m struggling to figure out whether I genuinely want something to happen or whether it’s in fact OCD is that I take a step back and think “If I truly wanted this thing to happen, would it be causing me so much pain/anxiety and would I be spending this much time thinking about it?”. You’ve described how sometimes the feelings in the moment feel like they are taking over your mind, and this is a great way of describing how the compulsions can really blur every sense of who you think you are. Often I feel like I can’t figure out if I am truly
  9. Hey Cas, I have recently had similar thoughts to yours and after lots of reading on this forum I’m coming to terms with the fact that: - OCD is powerful and complex and will latch onto anything it can to bring about the compulsions. Even things that you’ve never thought/worried about before. Even things that make you think you’re a criminal. I’ve finally come to this realisation after a long time of believing (and trust me, it’s still a constant battle!) that each different thing I ruminate on is an exception to the rule and actually not OCD. Spoiler alert: no matter what the
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