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Do you have OCD? - A job advert

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For those that don't follow the charity's Twitter account this was spotted in the week by one of our charity users. I contacted the hotel that evening and to be fair they did remove it and apologised.

But still this should not be happening. Whilst I can't link the two, I am confident that Ch4 and OCCleaners plays significant part of the blame for why people still mistakenly thing this kind of thing.

So this is resolved, but we need to look at how we can stop this from happening with the frequency it is.



This was posted the following day



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Good to see them apologise and edit it. 

The problem for me comes from people linking compulsions with OCD and not thoughts. Thoughts and thinking are the driving things not compulsions. That channel 4 show definitely doesn't help.

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I'm pleased to see they reacted swiftly, acknowleged their mistake and publicly apologised.  Well done to them.

It's just so sad to see what a long way we still have to go to educate the public

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Indeed, they got a lot of negative criticism on social media but whilst they perhaps shouldn't have made the mistake in the first place, they do deserve praise for listening and reacting swiftly.

Sadly deal with one problem, another appears.  Scotrail platform...



I am assuming it's genuine image. I spoke to Scotrail in the week, they promised to speak t the station and find out where this came from (marketing or station staff) and hopefully assurances that this wont be repeated. I will advise of outcome.

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